Love Marriages and Its Scope Through Astrology

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In this day and age, the question of whether you will have an arranged or love marriage doesn’t stand. As technology is advancing and people are racing towards a fast-paced world, there is less trust in the world. Many youngsters today face trust issues because of several reasons. This implies marriage, as well. This is why they do not prefer arranged marriages. So here is a guide to Love Marriages and Its Scope Through Astrology.

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The generation is pretty evolved today. Today, men and women meet frequently and develop mutual feelings, intimacy, and respect for one another. They do not want to marry a total stranger unless they are given some time to know them. In arranged marriages, firstly, less time is given to the couple to understand one another. Secondly, there is no assurance whether or not a person would be sincere as there is no transparency during the period of courtship.

This is why today, people wish to marry someone whom they have spent a couple of years together. Love marriage is today accepted by parents as well as they understand the mentality of this generation. The majority of people nowadays ask astrologers About the scope of love marriage in their lives. This is because not every time, you can force or impose a love marriage. Sometimes love can evolve after arranged marriages as well. However, people root for love marriages.

As per, Love marriages can be predicted by studying the fifth house, seventh house, eighth house, and eleventh house. The signs we need to consider are Gemini, Pisces, and Scorpio.  The planets we need to consider are Venus, moon, Rahu, mercury, and mars.

Their position in the birth chart, their relationship with the houses, and other planets are reviewed for predicting love marriage.


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Let’s look at some of the combinations for love marriage in the birth chart and how Love Marriages and Its Scope through astrology.

  • If the eighth house is making a connection with the fifth house or Mercury is placed in the eighth house, the chances are high in a relationship that turns into marriage.
  • If the lord of the fifth house is positioned in the seventh house or Venus is well placed in the fifth house, the probability of love marriage increases.
  • It is said that Venus and Rahu conjunction indicates inter-caste marriage or love marriage. Basically, Rahu increases and gives a boost to everything. Therefore, when Rahu is in conjunction with Venus, which is the planet of love and romance, it increases the chances of love marriage. Especially when the conjunction is in the seventh house or Rahu alone is in the seventh house. Similarly, this conjunction in the second house, fifth house, and eighth house; give the same result.
  • Another conjunction to look at is the Rahu moon combination; although it is much dreaded and controversial, it is positive for romance and love. Moon in mercury conjunction also increases the chances of love marriage.
  • Chances of Love Marriage is favorable when Upapada Lagna and Arudha Lagna are combined in the natal chart.
  • If the Lord of the seventh house is in the fifth house or the Lord of the fifth house is in the seventh house, this exchange in the birth chart is very positive and auspicious for love marriage. If the mercury and Venus are in conjunction in the eleventh house or with the Lord of the eleventh house, this only makes this yoga stronger and more promising.

Marriages are made in heaven, and nothing can go against fate. As much as astrology helps and guides you in making decisions like love marriage, there needs to be love, respect, and faith between the couple. Astrologers always advise people never to force an alliance, which is not meant to happen. I hope things have cleared about Love Marriages and Its Scope Through Astrology.

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