Kundali Matching

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There are several cases in which married couples are not happy in their conjugal life and are facing several problems in life. If you are also facing such kind of problems and want to get information regarding your future than all your queries will be solved by this report. Different factors and things will be explained in Kundali matching by astrologer Ashok Prajapati, the well-known name in astrology world. The details will help you to take proper decision for life. Following are the factors that will be covered in paid report of kundali matching along with the remedies:

Physical compatibility:

Gun Kutas or gun Milan is there in astrology that is considered significant for marriage. This section of report gives information regarding the points that are obtained from 36 and the impact of this score. Number of websites offers this feature but we conduct a manual analysis and not a computerized one. There are chances of flaws in computerized reports and therefore one cannot rely on the results of these reports. This is the reason why we offer manually analyzed reports for accurate results.

Doshas and solutions:

If the married life is having problems, gaps, compatibility issues and any other kind of problem then the reasons might be hidden in the horoscope. In case you are facing problems, we offer verified and tested solutions for the same. For instance, if one of the partner is Manglik while the other one is non manglik then this might impact the health of non manglik one. In such cases, the horoscope is analyzed so as to find some solution of the problem.


Possibility of divorce:

There are certain situations in life when it becomes difficult to live life with each other and the person thinks that the only solution is to get separated or divorce. Horoscope might be a reason for this and in case possibility of separation is there then when we give information about it. With the clear details, one can take proper decision regarding the next step.

Several people have received benefits with the help of our readings and in many cases, the condition of divorce has also been avoided. Our report provides information as whether the decision of divorce is a only choice or is there any solution for the problem.

What is required?

Only the details of girl and boy regarding their birth such as time and date of birth are required for the in depth analysis of horoscope. In the period of a week, the report will be provided to the client. Time is required in the process since the report is manual and the results are decisive.

You can rely on the analysis as astrologer Ashok Prajapati conducts thorough study for giving the report of kundali matching. We do not rely on any kind of software since their results might come with faults. This is the case of life of two people and their families and therefore reliable solutions are offered that can solve the issues.


Guna Milan:

For the purpose of Kundali matching, the thing that is considered in Indian astrology is Janam Kundali, In groom and bride’s natal charts, Moon position is one on which Guna Milan is based. Gunas have 8 aspects signified by Ashtakoot Milan. Here ‘eight’ is signified by Ashta while ‘aspects’ is represented by Koota as mentioned below:

 Varna/Jaati:  Signifies ego levels of girl and boy along with their spiritual compatibility. The categories in which it is divided are Brahmins, Vaishya, Kshatriya, Shudra.

Vashya: Signifies power equation, marriage control and attraction amongst couples. 5 types are there in which a person is classified: Human (Nara), (sea animals)Jalchar, (Vanchar) wild animals, small animals (Chatushpad), insects (keet).

Dina: Signifies destiny and compatibility of birth chart and are 27 in number.

Yoni: The mutual love, sexual compatibility and intimacy level between couple is measured by this. Its classification is done in 14 animals: Elephant, Horse, Snake, Sheep, Cat, Dog, Buffalo, Deer, Tiger, Cow, Lion, Monkey and Mongoose.

Guna milan- AshokPrajapatiGraha Maitri: Signifies affection, mental compatibility and friendship. Amongst couples, the compatibility of moon sign is also signified by this.

Gana: Based on temperament and behavior. 3 categories are there in which birth chart are shared: God (Deva), Human (Manava), Demon (Rakshasa).

Rashi: signifies love and emotional compatibility among couple. Comparison is done between girl’s and boy’s birth chart and position of moon in house is considered in this.

Nadi: Signifies genes and health. 3 parts are there in which stars are categorized: Vata (Aadi) Nadi, Pitta (Madhya) Nadi, Kapha (Antya) Nadi.

Types of eight koota:

astha koota-AshokPrajapati


Guna Milan importance:

Points obtained: 32-36

Result: Excellent and perfect match

Points obtained: 24-32

Result: Successful marriage

Points obtained: 18-24

Result: Acceptable match, acclaimed for marriage

Points obtained: Below 18

Result: Marriage not recommended