Privacy Policy

The information privacy that the user provides is taken very seriously by This privacy policy is created by us for validating the commitment that we make for the privacy. Kindly go through this judiciously to understand as how makes use of the information that is provided by the user.

The confidentiality of birth details, identity and forecasts made for the members is guaranteed by the site as much as possible under security environment and legal regulatory. We also offer further guarantee that no use in direct or indirect manner will be done by the site regarding the information that is given in member prediction except for the obvious purpose of making predictions and horoscope charts and sending them to the member.

The members are allowed to change their information by accessing the profile in case the need for the same is felt.

No information that is personally identifiable is rented or sold to anyone.

What information is collected?

For the purpose of signing up for a service, the following information could be collected from the user:

First name, email address, last name, phone number, address etc.

Details of birth such as place, time etc. might be collected for the preparation of reports for astrological purpose. We do not share this information with anyone and it remains in our server.

IP address:

When the site is visited by the user, the IP address might be collected by us from where request is made to display the site. There are several purposes behind the collection of this address. These include access restriction for the users by whom the terms and conditions for site use have been violated, extending support to the advertising partners so that number of distinctive visitors to the site could be counted by them who might have seen some advertisement.

Any of the information that is offered by the user is stored the way it is entered on the site.


Enhancing the online experience of users is the only purpose of the cookies. These are the minor data files that web sites store on the computer of user. Only the web sites that have written the cookie make its use via the browser. In the cookies, just the encrypted identity is stored by us and this information is not shared with anyone.

Collected information’s use:

Just for the purpose of identifying the visitor uniquely as the user of the site is the information such as email address, username etc. is used. For the purpose of competitions, rankings, identification or reports, the username might be displayed or used by us.

Information security:

One or more database servers that are secure are used for the purpose of collecting information and from outside the network, this information could not be accessed. The passwords and email addresses that are user defined have complete control over the personal information access from the site. The data privacy of the users is safeguarded with the help of all the precautions that could be taken.