Your Guide to Importance of Astrology in Predicting Your Married Life

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Marriage Prediction

Marriages are such a significant turning point in one’s life that in spite of all the glory and excitement, it makes the person a bundle of nerves. The very thought that you have got to spend your entire life with one person until your last breadth inevitably seeks a confirmation from somewhere that it is all going to be alright. If you are in such a flutter where how your married life is giving you jitters, then turning to astrology can help you calm down a little. Marriage astrology can help you locate some of the major shifts in your married life, if not entirely all!

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Few steps in the marriage astrology prediction:

Figuring the right time:

It’s important that you marry when the planetary positions are best suitable for you. The marriage calculator can give you a basic idea about when and what kind of wedding life you are destined to possess. It analyses your ‘Janam Patrika’ from various aspects and gives a general conclusion of whether you will have a harmonious married life or not and will you have an early or delayed marriage.

Matching the Kundali :

The first step to married life prediction is to match your prospective partner’s horoscope with yours. According to Astrology, in all, there are 36 gunas that are taken as the basis to measure the compatibility between the couple. The more the gunas match, the better is the compatibility between the two.

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Checking the Doshas:

There are specific doshas like the ‘Mangalik Dosha’ in some people’s Janam Patrika, which need to be checked before deciding your soul mate. Considering the relevant dosha is a must while matching the marriage horoscopes as good yogas for married life depends on them. If a person is Manglik, certain religious ceremonies are suggested to be performed before marriage for balancing the energies of the partners.

Analyze the house of companionship:

The 7th house rules the married life of a person. A detailed understanding of this house is always essential to get a deeper understanding of the phases of commitment with your partner in your married life journey.

For a better perspective, it is said that the presence of ‘Rahu’ or ‘Ketu’ is not considered auspicious in the 7th house. Similarly, ‘Shani’ (Saturn) in the 7th house causes frictions and turbulence by disrupting the love in one’s marriage. While, for males, analyses of the 7th house alone are considered, for women, both the 7th and the 8th houses are foreseen for their marriage predictions.

Have a wider and clear perspective:

Always be open to the fact that astrological calculations are based on a galaxy of factors and sometimes a tiny factor that we might end up ignoring as an influence could have a significant influence in your married life so going with your instincts, rationality and astrological predictions all have to be balanced at the same time to make a decision.


Choosing a person for a lifetime is a tough row to hoe and cannot be decided in a short time with just a few meetings. Also, sometimes it gets all the more confusing even after having spent years of time in knowing each other. Seeing the busy life schedules and many other varied reasons and circumstances, at times people cannot even take out the required time to spend with the person they are planning to marry, and in such cases, Vedic Astrology can really help you in making a decision-A decision that can either make or break you!

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