Will Smith & Jada – Compatibilty by Astrology

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Will Smith & Jada - Relationship Astrology

Friends we all know Will Smith famously for his ‘Men In Black’ movie series and also as a multi-talented star, Jada Smith his wife is also famous for her acting skills and philanthropy. They look like a great match together. Having two beautiful children too.

So We Thought Of Analysing Their Horoscope To Understand About Their Compatibility

Will was married to someone else for around 3 years & after his divorce, he found love in Jada. Jada was also in a long relationship with someone before falling in love with Will.

Will’s planetary positions are responsible for 2 marriages.

Friends, when 7th house lord is situated with a powerful planet than 2 marriages happen in that person’s life. For the first marriage, 7th house is responsible, but for the second marriage 2nd house is responsible. The 2nd house lord responsible for second marriage is situated with friendly planets in a very comfortable position, only because these positionings are so comfortable, Will Smith has found comfort and happiness in his 2nd marriage. When our planetary positions are so good and well placed then our life also has to be best!

Friends, one more amazing part of both horoscopes is that both are Manglik (Mars in 1,4,7,8,12). This means 2 Mangalic together are compatible & only spreads positivity and there is no place for negativity.


Lets us now understand Jada’s Horoscope Compatibility

7th house lord is situated in 8th house in a very weak position. Because of these positions, the first relation in Jada’s life might also have broken. We also know that she was in a serious relationship before meeting Will. But now that we have considered Will’s 2nd house, we also consider Jada’s 2nd house in horoscope whose lord Saturn is situated in 5th at a very comfortable position, here Jupiter’s aspect also can be seen. Saturn is friendly only with 2 signs and he is always happy when placed in the company of these 2 signs, which are Taurus & Libra. Therefore, because of these placements, it can be seen that Jada is serious & happy about her relationship with Will. Even her first relationship was not meant to be fruitful.

Friends, after looking at Jada’s horoscope we cannot assure that it was her first marriage or second marriage. Because the reading indicates something else, but it will still remain a mystery till it is not confirmed by her own self. Therefore, we are assuming her relationship with Will as second serious relationship and this is her ultimate love story.

Friends, every relationship has its place in our hearts. Some relationship is just a small chapter or anyone of these relationships remains close to our hearts forever, which we don’t tend to forget even after our marriage to someone else. So, astrologically also consider such a relationship to be the first relationship of one’s life.

What does an idol marriage or happy marriage mean?

Is it when a couple is living together and we don’t get to hear anything negative about their relationship for years? Or It is when they are still married but living separately?


Now friends this is the question & its answer depends upon everyone’s own perspective.


According to us, if a couple is happy together then will look like they are happy and there wont be anything to fake around them, despite of any up and downs they face. Will & Jada Smith seems to be happy & comfortable with each other’s company & they may continue to be so forever.

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