Who Is my life partner by Astrology?

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Let’s have a look at Who Is my life partner by Astrology? Meeting the perfect companion and getting a partner of our preferences is a thought that is continually recurring to us, and many a time, we just ponder deep over who actually would be our soul mate? Whether or not we have met them and what kind of lifestyle and personality would they be having?  Have you ever wondered that meeting your dream spouse one fine day is predefined and is actually the effect of the celestial connections and their interdependency? Astrology is the tool to predict and explain answers to such questions by mapping your planetary positions and energies while you were born on earth.

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What does Vedic astrology analyze to foresee who will be my life partner?

Analyzing the Ascendants:

Ascendant (Rising sign) or better known as ‘Lagna’ in Vedic Astrology, is the first and the most important house in the horoscope. It’s the rising sign over the eastern horizon during your birth time. Since it is the basis of all other linking of your planets, it gives an overall idea about your partner’s personality, appearance, and way of thinking. So, to get a deeper understanding of the inner spirit, ascendants’ analysis cannot be ignored.

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Studying the Venus Planet:

A harmonious relationship depends on the right placement of Venus in your Birth Chart. Being the planet of love, beauty, and passions, Venus is the harbinger of growing love. Therefore, its study is vital while predicting love in your life through your partner.

Checking the nodes of the moon:

Lunar nodes are the points where the moon’s orbit crosses the sun’s path on the celestial sphere. If the nodes overlap, then you have good chances of your paths overlapping as they are also the indications of your previous life connection. This axis depicts the real bond between you and your companion.

Examining the ‘Trio Connection’:

Neptune, Uranus, and Chiron are the three outer planets that indirectly affect the feeling of connection and upliftment throughout your love life. It’s powerful to have them in synastry in the horoscopes of the partners. Uranus has an electrifying effect on our love life, and its astrological influence is magnetic and making the relationship a roller coaster ride and embodies the nonconformity. Neptune is the planet that controls the oceanic depths of the human soul and has the ‘transcendental’ abilities. Pluto or Chiron is known for its psychological power of ‘revolution’ within a person. The trio symbolizes a person’s “collective unconscious,” and astromancers do not neglect them.

Mapping the Sun-Moon Placements:

The natural affection between you two can be analyzed by the positions of the moon and the sun. While the moon is known for your inner and instinctive needs, the sun is more about governing your external personality. It is, therefore, vital to consider both the signs match as their influence on each other is always complimenting. Having appropriate compatibility between these two signs in the horoscopes, a joyous relationship can be foreseen.


Now it has cleared Who Is my life partner by Astrology? Over the centuries, the phrase- ‘Star-crossed lovers’ has stubbornly continued to exit. Be it Virgil, Shakespeare, or Chaucer, all talk about the love as an unaltered divinely togetherness by the acts of gods. There is no denying that we strongly feel a sense of control in choosing our partners in today’s time of scientific and logical advancements, yet we cannot ignore the touch of a sprinkled divine plan in the course of our lives that is beyond our premeditations. In this line of thought, our anxieties regarding our potential spouse can be confronted by taking the advice of an expert astrologer. They can guide you the best for making such an important decision.

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