Who should wear and who should not wear diamond according to astrology

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Who Should wear Diamond According to Astrology

About the Gemstone Diamond

You must have heard of many gems. So it is not possible that you are not acquainted with the name of diamonds because it is the most famous and most expensive gemstone. Let me tell you about the diamond, which planet it belongs to and give other information about it. 

Diamond is one of the most expensive gemstones. It is the hardest gem. Diamonds have a very long life; the brightness of other gems goes away with time, many gems break even. But due to hardening of the diamond, it lasts for a long time and similarly, its effect also lasts for a long time.

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One very important thing about diamonds is that after wearing a diamond, it starts affecting the person immediately. The diamond belongs to the planet Venus, meaning it is the gem of the planet Venus.

You must know what happens if the diamond suits to someone?

If you wear a diamond, you will start to feel that the joy, happiness, entertainment in your life has started coming on its own. Before wearing it, you used to feel a kind of roughness in your life. Your mind did not seem to do any work and when you used to sit down to eat; you did not feel any taste even in eating the best food. You used to forcefully swallow food.

There was also bitterness in your relationship and you would see that there was a coldness in the relationship. You used to meet people who knew you, shook hands but did not like it. Many times, you also felt why we are living. Life seemed lifeless and you felt that there is nothing in life.

Now the question arises as to why this happens. There should be romance in life and if it is not there, then life becomes punishment. It is because Venus is weak in your horoscope. Venus is the factor of luxury and happiness in life and if Venus is weak in your horoscope then your life will become useless. Wearing a diamond strengthens Venus and give positive results. The damage done to a person due to Venus’s inauspiciousness starts to go away. I mean to say that if you wear a diamond and it suits you, then all the things mentioned above will start getting you, you will start seeing the effect.

If the diamond does suits to someone then what happens

Now the second question arises that if the diamond suits, it is very good. But what happens if the diamond does not suit. Friends, you wore a diamond, but this diamond is not good for you, then you will see that all your work started going bad. You will start being destroyed. The beauty that you had, the attraction that was there, has completely deteriorated. Laziness will grow in you, you will suddenly feel that I don’t do anything, just keep lying down. Life will start to make you look dull. If you do something then you can get hurt. There will always be a fear of injury. Another major side effect of wearing a diamond is also on the eyes, eyes may get the effect, and suddenly an eye problem can arise. Apart from this, you will also feel that in you unnecessarily unwanted physical desires increasing. There are many things associated with diamonds that if this does not suit anyone, then it brings downfall. The person gets slander, infamous. The person who was at the high position, high rank suddenly he starts moving towards collapse.

Who should not wear Diamond 

Now let me tell you who should not wear a diamond

In the Aries and Scorpio ascendant, Venus becomes inauspicious, so the people who belong to Aries & Scorpio ascendant, they should never wear diamond in any position.

Venus is also not considered auspicious in Leo, Sagittarius and Pisces Ascendant; therefore, people of this Ascendant should also never wear a diamond. Except these five ascendant, everyone else can wear diamond.

If Venus is in the third, sixth, eighth house in one’s horoscope, then except for Taurus, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius ascendant, one should not wear diamond.

If Venus is sitting in the tenth place in any other ascendant except Aries and Scorpio, then he may wear a diamond.


Friends, this was the description of wearing diamonds. I told who should wear diamonds and who did not. In the end, I will only say that if you are facing any kind of problem and want a solution through gems, then wear gemstone only after get check your horoscope at the advice of a learned person of this field. Because by wearing any gemstone on your own, you are more likely to lose rather than gain.


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