Which Gemstones improve stamina or immunity

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Which Gemstones improve stamina or immunity

You all know about gems. We have seen miraculous qualities in gems. In my experience, I have found that Gems are very miraculous. However, one thing should keep in mind that we can benefit from anything only if we are familiar with the correct method of its use. What I mean to say is that you can get benefit from gems. You can improve your strength and immunity, but you should be well aware of the method of using gems. Otherwise, you will be more likely to lose rather than gain.

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There are many categories of gems. Each gemstone is different in itself. The reason for this is that each gemstone represents different planets and different zodiac signs associated with it. Every gems is associated with some planet or zodiac. The list of planets, zodiacs and related gems is as follows: –

Sl No. Zodiac Sign Lord Planet Gemstone
1 Aries, Scorpio Mars Coral
2 Taurus, Libra Venus Diamond
3 Gemini, Virgo Mercury Emerald
4 Cancer Moon Pearl
5 Leo Sun Ruby
6 Sagittarius Jupiter Topaz
7 Capricorn, Aquarius Saturn Sapphire
8 Rahu Onyx
9   Ketu Cat’s eye stone, Beryl

When a person wants to increase his immunity and strength through astrology, we check his horoscope. First, the person’s ascendant and zodiac sign are seen. For example, the lord of Aries is Mars, if Mars is weak or afflicted in the horoscope and the person remains ill, then we suggest him to wear coral to increase his immunity. Wearing coral will give strength to Mars suffering in the horoscope and will improve the immunity of a person. Similarly, gemstone is suggested by looking at the position of birth sign in the horoscope. Gemstone’s weight is decided according to how weak the planet is.

In this connection, I want to caution you that any gemstone you wear on the advice of a learned astrologer. Because the weight of gemstone, which metal to wear the gemstone, which day to wear and at what auspicious time to wear it, only a learned astrologer can give you information after studying your horoscope. Wearing gemstone without the advice of an astrologer can prove fatal. This can be as much a detriment factor as taking medicine without doctor’s advice. I would like to advise you that gemstone is miraculous and give effect immediately. However, if you want to solve your problems through gems, then after getting checked your horoscope, wear gems only on the advice of a learned astrologer.


If you want to increase your immunity through gems and end your problems then you can contact us without any hesitation. We will recommend you gemstones after studying your horoscope. You will inform the complete method of wearing gems. If you want, we will also provide you the flawless gemstone.