When will I get married – Take help of Vedic Astrology

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When will I get married as per vedic astrology

Marriage Prediction with help of Vedic Astrology

These days we all are career-oriented and want to focus on our career. Also, youngsters are so much absorbed in the work that they do not want to look at getting married. Most importantly, these people are not feeling ready to take up the responsibility of getting married. This attitude has created stress amongst many parents these days. so if they are still struggling and curious regarding marriage prediction with help of vedic astrology can contact astrologer Ashok Prajapati.

Ultimately, youngsters pass their age of getting married, and thus, they start facing problems in settling down in life. They tend to see more rejections in the case of arranged marriages. That is when the curiosity to know “when will I get married,” pops in mind and tension begins. Late marriages spoil the charm of a wedding that a person relishes in life. These days, early marriage date is 23-26, the right age is between 26 to 30, and late marriage is between 30-35, or we can say any time after 30 years.

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When will I get married as per astrology

If this is you, then you should not worry as astrologically, we can get to know when a person will get married. Year of marriage, the person, and the best time to get married in a specific duration can be identified from a Kundli. For this, Vimshottri Dasha and Yogini Dasha helps to interpret the readings that result in making the predictions.Vimshottri Dasha explains the maximum duration of the life span of an individual until 120 years and a detailed view of how the planets will affect your life during this time. In a Kundli, the seventh house that is known for various aspects of a marriage-like successful married life, compatibility, and time of getting married. When planets like Jupiter and Venus, Lord of the seventh house, planets in the seventh house, Other planets looking at the seventh house, the twelfth house have their Dasha’s during the age of 18 to 27 years, there are chances of getting married.

When will I get married as per Vimshottari Dasha, Major Period

In a horoscope, the second house denotes our family, and for any auspicious event in the family, this planet is held responsible. During the Dasha of the lord of the second house, a promising activity of marriage takes place. Vedic astrology says females to get married during the Dasha of Jupiter under Antardasha of any planet. Still, we should not forget to review the position and strength of the eighth house.

Since it is possible now to analyze the horoscope of an individual and predict the details of one’s partner, we recommended consulting an experienced, professional, and renowned astrologer who knows Vedic astrology and can predict accurately. Most of us visit astrologers to know, “When will I get married?” and with this stress of finding the right partner, we should take the help of astrology in the same way we consult a doctor for our illness.

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