When will I get Married? Check if u will get married in 2020? – Free Marriage Prediction

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When will I get Married? Check will u get married in 2020?

Marriage : Free Marriage Prediction

As soon as a boy or a girl steps into the young age, they start looking for a partner for themselves. There is nothing strange or wrong in this, it is a natural tendency. Our society started marriage practice to create social order. Every youth who does not get the partner easily then tries to find a suitable match. Some people take help of astrology. Astrology has clear rules regarding marriage.

Rules of astrology regarding marriage

According to astrology, there are 12 houses in the birth chart or horoscope. The seventh house of the horoscope represents marriage.

  • The planet Venus is considered to be the factor for marriage in boys’ horoscopes.
  • Jupiter is considered a factor of marriage in girls’ horoscopes.
  • The seventh-place of the horoscope is studied to clarify the situation regarding marriage.
  • The lord of the zodiac sign located in the seventh-place is studied. Venus and Jupiter are studied. To know the time of marriage, the Period, sub-period of these planets are studied.

After examining all these, we reach on the conclusion when the marriage will take place.

Whether I will get married in 2020?

Through this article, I will tell you whether you will get married in 2020 or not. Depending on the planetary position, the possibility of marriage of all the twelve zodiac signs is as follows:- 

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Marriage Prediction for 2020 of all zodiac sign


Aries people there are clear chances of your marriage in the year 2020. If we talk about the month then I would say that from January to March, there are high chances. If you interested in arrange marriage then there is no problem in the month of March 2020. However, the whole 2020 year is auspicious for you to start the married life. You will enjoy your married life in 2020.  


Taurus people give up all your worries and start your shopping for your marriage. The year 2020 will not disappoint you as there are strong chances that you will definitely get married. However, Mars in the seventh house of the Taurus Horoscope is not good but it will not affect your marriage & married life much. As soon as the month of May will start the auspicious time for marriage will begin. Auspicious time for your marriage is any time between April to July 2020. The month of May is extremely favourable for marriage for the people of Taurus sign.   


Gemini people, the auspicious planet for the marriage, the Jupiter in the seventh house of the horoscope is a good sign for you. There is no doubt about your marriage this year. You will definitely start married life in the year 2020. Those who are in a love affair or live-in a relationship should be happy because there will not come any obstacle in the path of their marriage. The Gemini people who are interested in arrange marriage will get married after June of 2020. My good wishes are with you the people of Gemini, the year 2020 is very good on the marriage front. 



The people of Cancer, the good and auspicious time for the marriage in the year 2020 will come after the month of June and later in the year 2020 in the month of November & December. The stars are indicating that you may fell into a new love relationship this year. However, this love relationship will not turn into marriage in 2020. Overall, the year 2020 is good to start married life. 


The Leo people, there is good news about your marriage this year. So you should be happy.  After any time July & August, you can fix your marriage and your married life will be good & happy. You will enjoy a lot. For those who interested in arrange marriage the suitable time will come after an august month. Those who have chosen their life partner already and looking for love marriage, for them the suitable month is September for marriage. The best time for a newlywed couple of Leo sign in the year 2020 is after the September month.  


The Virgo people, in your horoscope Jupiter has occupied the fourth house. This house is an auspicious house. Jupiter is an auspicious planet is good for the newly married couple. Virgo people those were waiting for marriage, may get married this year. The best, suitable and auspicious time for the marriage is any time in the month of April, May, and June. This is a good year for the newlywed couple.  


The people of Libra, the planet position in Horoscope 2020 is indicating that the year 2020 is good for you and your married life. The month of March is auspicious for you and there are chances of your marriage the month of March. The year seems good for the newly married couple and there are chances of pregnancy in this year. You will enjoy with your life partner and married life will be full of romance for the whole year. However, take care of the health of your life partner in June. 



The Scorpio people, the year 2020 is good on the marriage front. April, June and July months are auspicious for you and your marriage may take place any time during these months. Your married life will be full of romance during this year. However, you must take care of the health of your spouse. Due to the position of Rahu, conflict may arise in your newly married life so avoid arguments and keep patience. 


Sagittarius people, there is no doubt that the time is auspicious for you. There are strong chances of your marriage in the year 2020. Most of the time Jupiter will sit in the first house of Sagittarius horoscope. This placement will bring happiness and prosperity for you. If you are in love affair then there are chances that all the hurdles in the path of your love marriage will vanish and you will enjoy a happy married life. Love marriage may take place after the month of September.  


Capricorn Horoscope 2020, there are no possibilities of marriage this year. The seven & half years (Saadhe saati) of Saturn is going on. During this period, the person has to struggle in life and responsibilities increases. Overall, the year is good but there are no chances of marriage this year. 


The Saturn will transit from Sagittarius to Capricorn on dated 24 January and (saadhe saati) the seven & half-year of Saturn will start. There are very fewer chances of your marriage this year and if you have prepared everything for the marriage then there are chances that you may get marriage before 24 January. The planetary position for marriage is not good this year. I will suggest you postpone your plan of getting married in the year 2020. 


The people of Pisces, there is not good news on the marriage front this year. There is no strong yoga of marriage during 2020. During the March, April & May very little chances of marriage but I will suggest you wait and postpone your marriage till next year. This year the seventh house of the Pisces horoscope is afflicted so it would be better to wait until next year. 

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