When will I get married accurate marriage predictions

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When will I get married the accurate marriage prediction

It is very stressful dealing with the question – best dating sites bostonand to whom I will marry? Will I marry the person I lovecaribbean cupid dating site? And so many more questions keep on hammering in your mind all day long.

Friends, why do you have to deal with so much stress, when you can seek answers from the most ancient and respected fields of science – Vedic Astrology. To date, thousands of people have benefitted from astrology-based advice, and have been able to overcome the stress caused by all kinds of wedding-related questions.ACCURATE MARRIAGE PREDICTION & MARRIAGE PREDICTION ASTROLOGYis possible with us.

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I have personally helped thousands of people and will help you too. Here is a guide to help you understand how astrology can help answer your marriage related questions.

What Age Will I Get Married – Astrology Answer Your Wedding Related Questions

Dear readers, I am a firm believer that no two weddings are the same, just like no two people are the same. I hope you agree. When will I get married– Indian astrology free online predictions or app-based predictions will every generic and might not be accurate for your case

I have 10+ years of experience in making marriage predictions based on advanced astrology, and all I need is your date of birth and place of birth. If you have an accurate date of birth & time, that will be a great help to get accuracy in predictions, and even if you don’t, no need to worry, as I can prepare the most detailed and accurate horoscope for you. At only Rs 551, you can order your marriage prediction online from me.

So join me as I tell you how my marriage prediction report helps answer your most complicated questions about your marriage.

Understand How Accurate A Marriage Prediction Can Be

My observation is that most young people want an answer to – when will I get married and means that they need an accurate prediction of the day/week/month when they will get married. Let’s understand how astrology addresses this:

  • Astrologers depend on your major period (also called Mahadasha) and sub-periods to make accurate predictions.
  • This, in turn, depends on how accurately you (or your parents) know of your date/time/place of birth.
  • Even a 15 minutes difference in your actual time of birth and the time your horoscope is based on, will result in a major and sub-period difference of several weeks or even months.
  • So, an accurate horoscope becomes the starting point for accurate marriage predictions but I will help you with both.

Why You Should Expect The Most Accurate Marriage Prediction From Me?

I am sure you have this question in your mind. Let me explain the complexity that astrologers face. So what should be treated a baby’s accurate time of birth?

  • When the baby first shows sign of emerging out of the mother’s body?
  • Sometimes the baby takes a long time to fully emerge from the body, so what time to consider then?
  • When the baby first cries?
  • When the doctor informs about the birth?

The answer, friends, is difficult. How do I ensure accuracy, then? Because I have now done thousands of marriage predictions and can adjust the method for maximum accuracy by asking you more questions related to your nature, your profession, habits, etc. This helps me understand your specific case in great detail, and I am able to make the most accurate marriage prediction for you.

The Basics of Marriage Prediction by Astrology

I know you are very curious to know more, so I will share some of the basics of marriage prediction using astrology.

Planetary Positions and Impact on Marriage

  • If the planet Mercury resides in the 7thhouse of your horoscope, it is very likely you will be married before the age of 20 years. For girls, Jupiter planet’s position and movements decide the likelihood of marriage, and for boys it’s Venus.
  • If you have a powerful placement of the planet Venus in your fifth house, or you have the sun in the seventh house, it is a beautiful combination for love marriage in your life.
  • If the fifth house and the eighth house are in an auspicious connection then or you have you the sun placed in the eighth house of your birth chart; it only indicates that your relationship will most probably turn into a marriage.
  • A great combination that is deemed auspicious is when Upapada Lagna and Arudha Lagna are combined in the natal chart.
  • Since Rahu boosts everything, its conjunction with Venus only predicts inter-caste marriages.
  • Rather successful love marriage is predicted when Mercury and Venus are positioned together in the eleventh house or positioned with the lord of the eleventh house.


How to determine marriage probability and date accurately?

The 7th house of your horoscope is the most important to determine when will you get married. Another important factor is the Lord of the 7th house.

Malefic planets (such as Saturn and Mars) can cause delays in marriage, particularly if they are close to the above two factors. If the major and subperiod of Venus and Jupiter are near, chances of a wedding are very high. If not, then I analyze the Lord of 7th house to understand how much time you have to wait before the planet positions become suitable for your marriage.

The Principles of Astrology and What They Reveal About Your Marriage

Like I explained earlier, your 7th house is the most important for all marriage predictions. Some key principles:

  • If you have Sun in 7th house, you will be married after 22 but before 28 years.
  • If only Moon resides there, your marriage will take place before you are 23 years old.
  • The presence of Jupiter in the 7th house generally means marriage before 25 years.
  • If there’s only Saturn in the 7th house, then marriage unlikely before 26 years.
  • Presence of more than 1 powerful planets in 7th house generally means that you will marry more than once. Even your first marriage will be early (before 24 years).
  • In this manner, Mercury in the 7th house (alone) means marriage before 22 years of age.

Of course, there are a lot of other factors, for which you can tell me your date of birth and get accurate answers from me.

Why Trust Astrology For Your Marriage Related Questions?

I know how stressed parents and adults feel about marriage. There is no need for this stress when you can rely on my accurate predictions and even take my detailed marriage prediction report.

When will I get married? And Other Marriage Related Questions I Can Answer For You

  • What will be the nature of my partner?
  • How will my relation with my in-laws be?
  • Will I be married close to home or far from it?
  • What will my life be like after marriage?
  • Will my wife/husband be beautiful and successful?
  • Will I have love or arranged marriage?


  • How do you know when will I get married by astrology?
    We take a look at the position of Venus in your birth chart. In this case, the disposition of the seventh lord is considered. Also, the planets placed in the seventh house are analyzed.

  • Will my marriage be love or arranged astrology?

    Although nothing can be forced or worked against the act of nature, we often take a look at the placement of Mars and Venus, the stronger their position, the better are your chances of love marriage. Although, Venus plays a very important role.

  • What if the 7th house is empty?

    You need not worry if your seventh house is empty. It is not a compulsion to have every planet in every possible house. In fact, an empty seventh house indicates lesser complications. Given, the other planetary positions are in favor.

  • What is a good age to get married?

    Astrology charts the entire life, along with your past and future. There is no good age or bad age. When it comes to astrology, the only thing that matters is the right age. The one you are destined for. As an astrologer, I am the source to inform you that.

  • Can astrology predict my marriage?
    Astrology can predict every single detail about your life; let alone, marriage. Your birth chart is a book that accounts for every major and minor episode of your life, and especially the milestones. I will not only predict your marriage but also give you remedies to safeguard it against all odds and hurdles.

Think about it, what if you knew the accurate predictions of your marriage date and time, and even about your life after marriage. Life could be less stressful and more enjoyable. Call me, write to me, leave your comments, and I will be happy to help.