When will I get a job Indian Astrology

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When will I get a job Indian astrology

When will I get a job Indian astrology

Millions of youngsters are jobless & want to know when will I get a job but as far as Indian astrology is concerned, the astrologer can answer to this question. An astrologer can tell you when you will get the job according to your date of birth & time. Let’s know when you will get a job in hand.

Dasha (Period) of 10th house of the horoscope

10th House of Horoscope

The 10th house of the horoscope represents your deeds, how you will earn your livelihood. Each planet except Venus become very strong when it occupies the 10th house. The planet gives the way of livelihood by acquiring the 10th house and gives wealth during their period. On the contrary, any relationship of the 10th house with the Venus makes the Native jobless. The situation of jobless may remain for a long time. In other words, the 10th house becomes inactive. You will get the job only when the 10th house of the horoscope will active.

I lost my job. When will I get a job again?

You have lost your job and now you are waiting for the new job, searching for a new job and want to know when I will get a job then check the present planetary situation and the planetary situation in your horoscope also. Find the active planet when you lost your job. I mean which Dasha is running, Which Antardasha is running or Which Pratyantar Dasha is running. 

Vimshottari Dasha Table

Once it has come to your notice which planet was active and responsible for making you jobless then try to find when the period of this planet is going to over and also try to find out the auspicious planet and when its period will come. For the time period, there is a provision of Vinshotari Dasha Table in every horoscope.

So many Interviews. No Luck?

Will I get this job?

After every interview, the jobless people look for the hope & everytime he gets the answer “we will let you know”. Sometimes your profile does not match & sometimes your luck is not favoring you. What to do in such a situation?

This waiting period is a very tough time of life. As per astrology, the Saturn is responsible for our waiting period. every time. Look for the position of Saturn as per your moon sign & if the Saturn is in Ascendant, 4th house, 8th house or 10th house of horoscope you go through the waiting time. for

Job Settlement Abroad

There are so many people who are trying hard to get the job in abroad but could not succeed. It is not an easy task to get the job in the abroad, especially you don’t have the close contact there. In this kind of situation, you are fully depending on fate. A person gets the job during the period, sub-period of Jupiter. The person gets the job all of sudden in case the planets related to the tenth house of the horoscope makes the relationship with the tenth house in Gochar.

Abroad Settlement in Horoscope

If you want to know further then I will have to check the planets sat in the tenth house of the horoscope, the zodiac sign, star in the tenth house of the horoscope and the planets seeing the tenth house with their full sight. You get a golden chance to get the job in abroad if any component referred above makes the relationship with the tenth house in the near future.

When you will get the job with the help of Palmistry

If you check your hand you will see some lines, they look very clear especially at the time of the morning. Sometimes, you will have to take the help of lens to see these lines. I have experienced that some lines disappear after sometimes but remember these temporary lines are the indication of future events.

However, every line and symbol in the hand is meaningful. So it is very difficult to predict without seeing. But an astrologer will definitely tell you after seeing your hand if there is the possibility of getting a job in near future.

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