What to do when horoscope matching is strongly not recommended

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When your Horoscope Matching not recommended.

Seeing the title of this article, you must have guessed about the subject, which I am going to discuss with you in this article. There is no doubt that astrology is a science. Astrology has been an important part of the life of the Indian public since ancient times. Indian people have been doing their important work since ancient times with the advice of an astrologer.

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However, it is a matter of discontent that there are few unwanted people in the field of astrology who are hurting people’s faith towards astrology. I am saying this because many people come to me; some of them told how they were made confused by giving wrong advice.

Keeping my focus on horoscope matching, I want to tell you that many people who came to me had a complaint that they were suggested without any basis that you should not get married here. They went to the astrologer for horoscope matching to know about the future married life. But they were made confused by saying that you must not get married here.

I want to tell you on this subject that if anyone has been advised not to get married after matching horoscope, then he should take care of some things. I mean to say that if you go to an astrologer for advice, then you too should have some knowledge about astrology.

Gun Milaan

Horoscope matching is a method based on maximum 36 mark for marriage. After matching the horoscope of boy and girl if someone gets less than 30 marks, then it is advised not to marry.


If Mars is sitting in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth, twelfth house of the horoscope then horoscope is considered the Manglik horoscope. Astrologer advises the native to marry the person with a Manglik horoscope. Once again I would like to tell you that during the match making of horoscope if we find that either boy or girl is Manglik then we advise them not to marry.

Besides Gun Milan, Manglik if planet Venus in the horoscope of boy and planet Jupiter in the horoscope of girl are debilitated, afflicted or inauspicious then native is suggested not to marry.

If you have been advised not to marry for any reason other than these things, then you must ask for the reason behind this advice. Because the person who is suggesting you to not to marry, then he should tell the remedy also. It becomes his duty.


Finally, I want to tell you that if you have been advised not to get married to a particular person after horoscope matching then you can contact me. If I will advise you not to get married after horoscope matching, then I will also give you the reason behind this. However, if you still want to get married, then I will provide you the remedy. There are many other remedies apart from marriage with Vat Vriksha, Kumbh Vivah by which any obstacle in the marriage may resolve. It is not possible to describe all remedies here due to lack of space. Apart from this, we provide the remedy or solution after matching the horoscope of boy and girl according to the problem. If you are facing this type of problem or you want to get married to a particular person as per your choice but due to confusion, doubt has arisen in your mind then you can contact me without hesitation.


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