What is the planetary combination for the administrative job?

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Administrative jobs in Horoscope

Three main things are seen for prediction on any subject in the horoscope. These three subjects we examine are the Birth Ascendant in the horoscope, Moon zodiac sign in the horoscope and the presence of planets in the different houses of the horoscopes. These things decide everything in our life.


In the present article, our topic is which, are the planets that help us to get the administrative job? I will tell you about such planets or such planetary position that help the person to get an administrative job. As you are well aware that in the council of planets, the Sun has the status of king. If the planet Sun is auspicious in the horoscope, then the Sun empowers the person, it makes the person unable to command others.


After the Sun, the main planet is Mars. In the council of planets, it is the commander. Mars gives us the power to do work. Mars gives us the courage to initiate the first step towards the big project. Mars fills us with capacity, daring, bravery. If Mars is positive and significator in the horoscope then person lead the group of people and declare that yes I will do it.


As Sun is king, in the same way, the planet Jupiter has the status of Guru of planets. It is a very auspicious planet. Jupiter is the significator of wisdom. If the person gets the administrative job with the blessing of Sun then the person gets the knowledge & skill to run successfully job with the blessing of Jupiter. If the position of Jupiter is good and auspicious in the horoscope and Sun is also significant then there is no doubt that the person becomes a successful administrator in his life.   


After Sun, Mars, Jupiter one another important planet plays an important role, Mercury. Mercury represents speech or voice apart from the other things. If this planet is good in the horoscope then the person has good control over his tongue or speech. He is known as a very good and impressive orator. The people become mesmerized after hearing him. The way he talk, people immediately give their consent to him. For a skilled & successful administrator, Mercury should be in a good position in the horoscope along with Sun & Jupiter.    

The Tenth House of the Horoscope

There are twelve houses in the horoscope. The tenth house of the horoscope represents our deed. This house tells us that what we will do in our life to earn our livelihood. If the planet Sun sits in this house then we can say blindly that the person will become an officer in his life. Sun in the tenth house of the horoscope gets a special privilege, which is known as Dikbal.

Budhaditya Yog

When the planets Mercury sits along with the Sun in the tenth house of the horoscope, a yog come into existence known as Budhaditya. This is a very auspicious yoga. The person who is having Budhaditya yog in his horoscope he gets name, fame and wealth in his life. If Jupiter’s aspect is on the Sun & Mercury then the tenure as administrator is successful. 

The position of Mars in Horoscope

The good position of Mars in the horoscope brings courage to a person and he has the ability to make independent decisions. It is very important for a successful administrative officer to make good decisions on time independently and the presence of Mars in the tenth house makes a person a good officer.

Gajakesari Yoga

If there is Pisces ascendant in the horoscope and the Jupiter is sitting in the Cancer sign in the fifth place, it attains exalted position and if Moon accompany, then Gajakesari yoga is created. Based on this yoga, the person becomes a successful and famous administrative officer. This yoga has been seen in the birth chart of many successful administrative officers.

  • The tenth house of the horoscope represents our deeds if the lord planet of the tenth house sits in its own zodiac sign or is an exalted position, and then the chances of a person becoming an administrative officer are very high. We can say that he will definitely get the position of an administrative officer.
  • We consider the income from the eleventh house of the horoscope apart from other things. If the lord of the eleventh house makes the relationship of conjunction, sight or exchange of house with the tenth house then also there are high chances of becoming an administrative officer of the person.


Bases on twelve houses, twelve zodiac signs and nine planets, innumerable yog are created. Vast numbers of texts have been composed on them, but still, we see something new in a new horoscope. I just want to say that all this information is of general nature. If you want an accurate and concrete prediction about your life then you will have to check your horoscope. If you want to know whether you have the capability of becoming an administrative officer or else you want to get your horoscope examined by us, then don’t hesitate to contact us. If you are preparing for the competition for a higher position, then you can check your horoscope so that we can tell you how much your chances of success are in your horoscope. if any planet is afflicted or obstacles may arise then we may suggest solution or remedy.


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