What is the Importance of Houses or Ghar in Your Horoscope

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houses in horoscope

You must have heard about the houses when your horoscope is read by your astrologer or Pandit Ji. For example, you are told by them that some house is occupied by some planet in your kundalini.

Have you ever thought about what these houses are?

Also known as “sthan”, “Ghar” and “Bhav”, houses are important indicators of characteristics and life circumstances in a horoscope. They are used to determine the finances, sufferings, possessions, marriage, relationship, and achievement of a person in this lifetime. Each house represents a specific piece of information about the person. Different houses affect the different areas of your life.

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There are 12 houses in one’s horoscope just like 12 zodiac signs. These 12 houses combined a 360-degree angle when putting together. Imagine this as a clock that moves counterclockwise starting from the first house.

But the placement of these houses will different from horoscope to horoscope determined by the position of the Lagna, Ascendant, or the rising sign of a person.

A Rising sign or Lagna is the sign that was rising in the east at the time of your birth.

For example, Aries would be your rising sign if it was rising in the east at the time of your birth. This way, Aries will rule your First House. Your second house ruler will be Taurus as Taurus comes after Aries in the Zodiac. This way, the rest of the houses will be ruled by houses the sequence of zodiac signs.

So you must have understood how these 12 houses are occupied by zodiac signs.

Let’s find out what each house represents in your horoscope.

1st House:

The First House in your horoscope is occupied by Rising Sign, Ascendant, or Lagna. But many astrologers consider Aries as the first House in one’s horoscope as it is the first sign in the zodiac wheel. According to Indian or Vedic Astrology, the first house is occupied by the Rising Sign that occurred in the east at the time of the birth of the native.

This house is all about you. Or you can call it the house of self. It impacts your personality, physique, nature, health, and ego. The house also represents your life choices, strengths, and weaknesses.

2nd House:

The second house represents possessions, money, finances, and belongings that can be furniture and car.

3rd House:

Vedic astrology defines the third house as the “Parakram” house. It represents the creative and artistic capabilities of a person. Or you can say that the third house reveals the skills and talents of the person. This house is also interpreted to determine the relationship between you and your siblings.

4th House:

The fourth house in Vedic astrology is associated with Cancer. This house is also known as Bandhu Bhava as it determines your relationship and domestic life.

5th House:

The fifth house is also known as Putra Bhava in Vedic astrology. This means that it is used to figure out the number of children one would have. Besides, it represents joy, pleasure, romance, and creativity. It also stands for your intelligence and ability to innovate as well. The house also tells about one’s romantic relationships.

6th House:

The 6th House is related to your wellness, health, and lifestyle. It explains the potential diseases you are likely to have. The 6th house is also used to figure out the capacity of enemies and competitors, their strength, and their ability to overcome them.

7th House:

The 7th House of horoscope tells about marriage, time of marriage, and your relationship with your spouse. Moreover, it is used to determine the health of reproductive organs, sexual health, sexual habits, and sexuality. Stomach-related problems are also figured out through this house.

This is why the 7th House is used to make marriage predictions and your relationships after marriage.

8th House:

The 8th House is the House of Death in one’s horoscope, meaning that it tells about longevity. The house also reveals sudden events like the lottery, gains, and a share of properties. If Saturn rules this house, the person has a great chance of owning inherit paternal property. This house is also used to predict mysteries or transformations in one’s life.

9th House:

Will luck favor you? This is answered by the 9th house in your horoscope. That’s why it is called the House of Fate. It is also used to analyze one’s religious instincts, deeds, ethics, higher learning, immigration, and charity.

10th House:

The 10th House represents your profession, status, and reputation. It can be used to predict the ideal career for you as well as the prospectus and results of your business. The tenth house is also used to determine your relationship with your father.

11th House:

The eleventh house tells about the profit and benefits of what you do. It also impacts your friendships, social circle, and your relationship with your elder brother.

12th House:

Last but not least—the 12th house explains the ending of your life cycle as well as the starting of your spiritual journey. It is also known as the house of imprisonment and the unconscious.

A weak 12th house can cause separation from beloved ones. The separation can occur in the form of death. Astrologers also use it to explain emotions, secrets, dreams, and intuitions.

So these are all 12th houses in a horoscope. We hope that you must have understood the roles of houses in one’s life. But it still requires an efficient astrologer to interpret your horoscope due to the various complicated conjunctions caused by planets or signs.

What do you think? Let us know by commenting below.

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