Understanding the Strength of Your brain

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Our brain is actually very magical. All you need to do is to have faith on it. You should try to recognize the strength of your brain; it is not at all weak. The proverb says, “It is the mind that wins or defeats”.

As per Indian mythology, Yudhisthir while answering Yaksha said in this world, the greatest speed is of brain. Even Maharishi Patanjali said, it is very important to keep a check on the brain. All these facts point out on one thing, that there is enormous strength hidden in our brain. If we are going to keep a check on these strengths, then we will be in a position to do anything.


It is important to note that your brain is always working. It keeps on putting a number of questions in front of you, gives response on the basis of those questions. However, it is in a position to answer all the answers to your questions. It is one such truth that can’t be overruled. But today, we are losing our habit of remembering the things. You should not be worried for this as if you are able to make a strong determination then you are not required to remember anything. If the mind feels like, it can attract any kind of thing or person towards you. Unfortunately, there are quite a less number of people who are able to understand the benefits of strength of your brain.

The strength of brain can be understood from the fact that with determination it can even help you get rid of the most frightening disease like cancer. If you are going to ask the person who has defeated cancer, then you will get to know that he/she was able to win over the disease by just holding strong determination on him/her. The opinion of almost all patients who have survived cancer would be, it was our “will” that helped us win over this disease. This explains how irrespective of negative situations, you will be able to win with the power of your brain or mind.

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Let’s have a look on this fact as per astrological point of view. In astrology, Moon is the ruler of mind. Rahu is one such planet that is not in favor of Moon. It is so because the Moon gets Grahan ( eclipse) because of it. That is the reason when there is more influence of Rahu on a person’s life, he/she will not be in a position to hear his/her mind. Due to this, it won’t be possible to understand the strength of brain. Due to the influence of Rahu on brain, the person will find it hard to get the answer of the questions and this is going to complicate the situations even more.

Now the question arises, how it is possible to get a victory over brain and the answer is quite simple- by practice. If you wish to control your brain, then you need to keep a check on the thoughts. It is important to take your brain to the point where it is completely blank. You need to control your thoughts and practice regularly to control them. This will help you realize that there were many questions for which earlier you were finding it hard to get answers. It is important to have a lonely place, where you can close your eyes and get to the point where it is nothing.

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Just imagine why people wish to go on the laps of environment. Well, just because they find a place where they are able to get rid of all their problems and are in a position to talk to their mind in peace. Thus meditation helps, but yes, in order to get the answer to your questions, you need to keep your brain relaxed. You have to say no to almost all problems of your life for sometime. It is very important because when you will be free from all the expectations, then only you will be in position to get answers to your problems.

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