Top 6 Things in Your Birth Chart That Predict Love and Love Marriage

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Kundali Reading for Love Mariage

Love is a feeling that we all would want to experience, and many of us are experiencing it already. If a person is in a relationship with his/her partner and they want to get married to each other, they should check their compatibility astrologically to ensure a happy married life. A general question that people ask the astrologers is, “Will I have a love marriage or arranged?”. This question is to check if they will get married to the person they love or to someone whom they have met through their families.

Love marriage in a horoscope is a result of those planets that are responsible for it. These planets include Mars, Venus, Rahu, and Moon, which play a vital role in the love/arranged marriage of a person. The seventh house of a person depicts relationships and plays an essential part in various kinds of partnerships – love marriage, arranged marriage, or any romantic pleasures for couples. Whenever we analyze compatibility between two people, the seventh house should be nicely studied because, without this, happiness and peace in a marriage cannot grow in a relationship.

Another important house in a horoscope is the fifth house that depicts romance and love affairs in one’s life. Lord of fifth House and fifth House together play an essential role in a person’s life. If there is a malefic planet in the fifth house, there are chances of no love in your life. Whereas, if there are benefic planets in the fifth house, then it develops multiple love relationships in one’s life. Moon, if placed in the fifth house, lets one have numerous romantic encounters due to its restless nature. And due to this, it does not allow a person to stick to one person for the relationships.

Venus, the planet of love and relationship, is an excellent factor in deciding the strength of a relationship or marriage. If the fifth house is affected by Venus, there are chances of a love relationship that lets a person enjoy its flavor for a longer duration since Venus denotes entertainment, and the fifth house is for entertainment only.

With the help of Jupiter’s situation and positive/negative vision, the fifth house gets the courage to proceed with love affairs. Due to this, a person gets into a relationship that is full of love. The combination of the fifth house with seventh house converts love romance into a love marriage, and that is the beauty of this science.

The combination of Rahu with Venus in the fifth house, Venus and Moon in the seventh house, lord of the fifth house in the seventh house or the lord of the seventh house in the fifth house or eleventh house and some other yogas convert love relationship into love marriage. Since the moon controls our mind, one should incline himself out of office work also to create chances of a love relationship, which may further get converted into love marriage. Being over workaholic sometimes ruins your chances to initiate a connection.


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