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Reasons and Remedies for Manglik Yog in the Horoscope

On hearing Manglik’s name, people tremble with fear and start getting scared. I would like to tell you that being Manglik is not a defect but a planetary position in the birth chart or horoscope. The word Dosh should not be associated with Manglik. People feel that if a person is Manglik then either he or she will not get married or something bad will happen after marriage. 

I will give you some interesting information on this subject. I will try to clear up the misconceptions also. With more than twenty-five years of experience in the field of astrology, I want to assure you that there is no fault of having Manglik Yoga in the horoscope.

How Manglik yog come into existence

If the planet Mars sits in the first place, second place, fourth place, seventh place, eighth place, twelfth place of the horoscope, then we call the horoscope a Manglik. The first house of the horoscope represents the person himself. The fourth house signifies land, house, mental and domestic peace. Marriage and spouse consider from the seventh house. The eighth house of the horoscope tells us the longevity of a person, more explicitly we consider the death & life from this house. From the twelfth house, we consider sexual pleasure apart from other things.

Why do Manglik yog is considered unfortunate?

A horoscope said to be a Manglik when Mars is associated with the above-said houses of the horoscope.  Apart from presence in the houses of the horoscope, Mars put its full sight on fourth, seventh & eighth house from its place. The planet Mars has considered a cruel planet and main characteristics of cruel planets are that they deprive the native from the fruits of that house which they occupy. Following are the reasons for which Manglik Yoga considered inauspicious & bad. 

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Mars in the first house of the horoscope 

When Mars sits in the first place of the horoscope then it looks at the fourth house, the seventh house & the eighth house of the horoscope. If Mars is in the enemy zodiac sign and there is no sight of auspicious planets then Mars deprives the native from all the happiness from the spouse. This planetary also reduces the age of the native. Apart from all this evil effect, the person’s mental peace is also disturbed.

Mars in the fourth house of the horoscope 

Sitting in the fourth house of the horoscope, Mars also sees the house of marriage with its fourth full sight. Even by sitting in this house, Mars deprives the native of m Mars in seventh place

Mars in the seventh house of the horoscope 

The seventh house represents marriage and life partner. Sitting of Mars in this house not only reduces the happiness getting from Marriage & Spouse but also reduces the life of the Spouse. 

Mars in the eighth house of the horoscope 

The longevity of the native we consider from the eighth place. Even Sitting of Mars in this house reduces the happiness in marriage and reduces the life of the spouse & the native.

Mars in the Twelfth house of the horoscope 

Located in the twelfth house of the horoscope, Mars sees the marriage place with its eighth sight. Thus, sitting in this place affects the house of marriage and diminishes sexual pleasure.

Remedies for Manglik Yog in the Horoscope

Horoscope matching

You must have heard a saying that “Prevention is better than cure”. This means that if we take precautions in advance, we will not face any difficulty. What I mean to say here is that if you do not get the marriage in any situation without matching the horoscope, then you will not face any kind of difficulty. The first solution is that you should not marry without matching the horoscope from the learned astrologer.

Matchmaking of Mars position in the horoscope 

If you know that you are Manglik, then before marriage, you should get your future spouse’s horoscope properly examined and make sure that Mars should have the same position in the horoscope as it is in your horoscope.

Marriage with Banyan tree or Ficus Religiosa tree

If you are having a love marriage and due to any other situation, you have to marry a person who is not Manglik, then with the advice of a qualified pundit, you should arrange a marriage with a Banyan tree or a Ficus Religiosa tree in a chosen auspicious time. This remedy is for female natives. This marriage should be in the same way as if being married to a boy. It is believed that after getting married to a tree, the consequences due to Mars will fall on the tree. After this marriage, the girl’s marriage to the young man will consider as the second marriage.  

Marriage with an earthen pot 

Many times, due to the position of Mars in the horoscope of a girl, widow yoga is being formed, and then, in that case, Kumbha marriage is advised. In this remedy, the girl is married to a Kumbh. After the marriage, we break the pitcher and it is believed that the husband of the girl is gone to the heavenly abode. Now whatever she gets married to, that marriage will consider a second marriage.

In the end, I will only say that if there is Manglik Yog in your horoscope then there is nothing to worry, get your horoscope checked from a learned astrologer and only then decide the marriage. Many times in the horoscope due to a very good position of auspicious planets like Jupiter, Venus etc., Manglik and other bad yoga loses their velocity and nothing bad happen in the life of a native. If you are having any doubt about your horoscope, then contact us without any hesitation, we assure you to give the best astrological advice.



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