Second Marriages- Scope and Timing with Astrology

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Second Marriages in Astrology

Today we live in a progressive society, and life doesn’t stop at the end of your first marriage. It doesn’t matter whether you are a woman or a man; you have every right to start over your life again. That being said, divorces are increasing at an alarming rate. There are compatibility issues, ego clashes, abusive relationships that lead to a divorce. Although nobody promotes or encourages a divorce, one should never drag a relationship that does not fulfill either of the partners. Let’s have a look at second marriages- scope and timing with astrology

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Once people decide to move on and move ahead with life, the first thing they ask the astrologer is, are there any chances of a second marriage? Will they be able to get married again? Will it be a successful one?

Let’s look at three aspects here- the reason behind a failed first marriage, the possibility of a second marriage and astrology, and the second marriage’s timing.

Which planetary positions affect first marriages? – Scope and Timing with Astrology

The second marriage only happens when there is a bad first marriage. Let’s look at the factors which spoil the first marriage.

  • We all know that the primary house that is considered for marriage is the seventh house. This house is not only considered for marriages but also how you handle relationships. If the lord of the seventh house or the seventh house seven is linked with the eighth or twelfth house lord, it could lead to an extramarital affair.
  • If the seventh house in any way is afflicted here is suffering in the married life. For instance, plants like Rahu, Mars, and the sun could lead to an unhappy marriage.
  • After the seventh house, the eighth house is considered, the second house from the seventh. It is always considered in accordance with the seventh house to check the sustenance of marriage. Malefic planets like Rahu, Saturn, and mars, etc. in the eighth house can lead to a marriage ending.

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Which factors indicate a second marriage?

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  • For second marriages, the ninth, second, and eleventh houses are analyzed.
  • If there are multiple planets in your seventh house, it will give a rise in the chances of multiple marriages.
  • A second marriage is also indicated when more than two planets are positioned in the eleventh house.
  • In case there is an afflicted influence on the seventh and second houses.
  • A second marriage is predicted when Venus is placed in the fourth house, or Mars is placed in the seventh house.
  • Multiple marriages are indicated when Venus and Mars are placed in the seventh house, or Venus alone is placed in eight houses, or Saturn is positioned in the 12th house.
  • Sagittarius, Pisces, and Gemini are often deemed as dual signs. Look out for Venus in the house of a dual sign. This indicates a second marriage.
  • If the third house has the 12th house lord or the second house lord placed with Jupiter, Venus, or moon inspecting it, it will lead to a second marriage. If any of the dual signs are involved in this yoga, then a second marriage is definitely in your chart.

Timing of second marriageTimings of 2nd marriage

The period of Antardasha or Mahadasha in accordance with the third and ninth house lords and the respective planets mostly give a boost to a second marriage. The same counts for the eighth house and its planet. However, in most cases, the third and ninth house and their respective planets are taken into consideration when it comes to deciding the second marriage timing.

Now the confusion has solved second marriages- scope and timing with astrology. As astrology claims, nothing was, and nothing ever will be done and said that is not written in your fate. All the astrologers give a lot of solutions and remedies for saving your marriage, and there are times when the best thing for the couple and the family is to separate. The marital lives can always be reset or re-started with new individuals, as everything happens in accordance with the universe.

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