Saturn Transit 2020: Effect on Marriages- Marriage Prediction

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Saturn Transit 2020

Saturn gives auspicious or inauspicious results according to its position in the birth chart of any person. For example, Saturn in Aries Ascendant gives inauspicious results while auspicious results in Taurus Ascendant. But according to the transit horoscope, when Saturn transit from one zodiac sign to another, then its biggest effect is the saadhe saati (seven & half years) and dhaiya (Two & half years). Saturn will enter into Capricorn on January 24, 2020. According to this transit, the first phase of Saturn’s saadhe saati has started for Sagittarius sign and the Scorpio sign has been freed from the influence of Saturn’s saadhe saati. At this time Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius are under the influence of Saturn’s saadhe saati. What will be the effect of Saturn’s half-century on these three zodiac signs? Let’s start with Sagittarius sign first.

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Saturn and Sagittarius

Marriage – If you are Sagittarius and eagerly waiting for marriage. Then I would say to keep patience because this year though marriage is not impossible rather it is very difficult. It would be better for you to stay calm and wait for a good time. 

If the elderly persons are present in the house or someone is in an unhealthy condition in your house, then Saturn may prove to be painful for that member. However, you need not to be afraid of Saturn if you have never spoken bitter words to anyone, did not hurt anyone or have helped friends and relatives when the time is up. If you have respected and served the elders. If you have earned merit by the charity. If you have comforted someone in bad times. If you have given courage to someone, motived someone, if you have supported the truth, if you have made a difficult decision to be with you and even got the punishment, then you do not have to be scared at all from Saturn. You are instructed to keep abstinence. Do not utter any word from the mouth that becomes a determinant of the future of others. Do not take the bad words out of your mouth. Abuses given at this time can also prove to be true. The blessings given at this time can take all your auspicious deeds.

Saturn & Capricorn

Marriage – In the year 2020, until the month of September chances of your marriage will remain present. You are advised to take the final decision regarding marriage with the consent of your parents. Jupiter in the ascendant and Venus in the fifth house of the horoscope are going to give marriage opportunities.

Saadhe Saati of Saturn – If you have done a relaxing job so far. If you have stayed away from friends & relatives. Your relations with your wife & with your in-laws are not harmonious. If you are careless about your health until now. If you have always insisted on stubbornness or simply say that, you have successfully got your stubbornness and hurt the respect of others. If you have slandered someone, slandered others falsely, then you need to be afraid of transit of Saturn. 

The year 2020 is coming with a lot of work and many responsibilities for Capricorn people. Apart from this, a lot of expenses are also because Jupiter is in the twelfth house and Saturn on the head and its saadhe saati. In the year 2020, you should be ready for big expenses. You may have to spend some such things, which you have not yet laid the foundation stone for. Start thinking about it now that how to manage it if big expenses come. The load of work will be very much; you will realize that you have done four days of work in a single day. You will feel as if you were free for a long time. If it is not so then you do not realize, then be prepared for such a moment when you will have to forcibly believe it.

Apart from spending on house vehicle etc., there will also be expenditure on the needs of the family. If relatives etc. ask for a loan, be prepared. Overall, the year 2020 is full of trouble for the people of Capricorn.

Saadhe Saati & Aquarius 

Marriage – No good news for Aquarius people who are waiting for marriage. There is no chance of their marriage this year. I would advise them to wait. This year planetary position is not favorable for marriage.

The Saadhe Saati of the Saturn is started for the people of Aquarius. You should know that Saturn has come in the twelfth house. This house is known for the expenditure. Get ready for the expenditure in the year 2020. Now the question arises whether the people of Aquarius should be afraid of the position of Saturn. If you are Aquarius and have not yet performed your responsibilities. Has not maintained your duties. Has never helped anyone. If you are never went for the help of a person, relative, friend in distress. At many occasions, you could help those who needed help but you missed then these two and a half years will be memorable for you. During this time, you may need help. Saturn has come to the place of your deposit. The coming two and a half years will be full of expenses.

Dhaiya of Saturn 

Marriage – This year there is no chance of marriage for the Gemini and Libra sign.

In addition to Saadhe saati, Saturn has another effect called Dhaiya. Dhaiya means – two and a half. You know Saturn takes two & half years to transit from one zodiac sign to another.  More explicitly, Saturn remains in one zodiac sign for two & half years. When it comes in the fourth and eighth house of any person’s annual horoscope, the dhaiya of Saturn starts. As soon as Saturn entered Capricorn, Saturn’s Dhaiya has started for Gemini and Libra signs.

Chances of Marriage

There are chances of marriage for the people of Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces in the year 2020. For the remaining, marriage chances are either nil or dim. 

Conclusion – If you are facing any kind of difficulty related to marriage then don’t hesitate to contact us.  


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