Prediction of future life partner’s character by an Astrologer

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How Astologer Predicts Character of A Future Life Partner

After the birth of a man, marriage is considered as the second biggest event of his life. Everything changes in life after marriage. Everyone, whether a male or female, wants his or her future life partner’s character to be very good. He / She should be all virtuous. However, life is not so simple. In life, nothing happens at our wish or as we want. We plan something else but something else happens. I have seen that people get married in a very planned way but after marriage, they regret why they got married. It was good that I would remain single. After marriage, many times the situation has seen so bad that some people even committed suicide.

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Solution to predict character of prospective life partner- Astrology Horoscope

Through this article, I am considering a problem with which you are well acquainted. Yes, the subject of my article is the prediction of the character of the life partner with astrology horoscope. No one, boy or girl, wants their life partner to have bad characters. Nowadays private detectives are available in the metros, where people get the services of detectives and get to know about the character of prospective life partner in especially in case of arrange marriage. However, neither these services are available at every place nor it is possible for everyone to hire this private detective. However, the solution to this problem was available in our culture since ancient times through Vedic astrology. Yes, through astrology horoscope you can find out the character of your future life partner very easily. Through astrology prediction, it can also be ascertained that if your future spouse is still fine but later his / her character may deteriorate. They can later make connections with more besides their respective spouses.

Prediction of future life patner's character by astrology

How Astrological Horoscope helps in the Prediction of the Future life partner’s character

Astrology is very clear on this subject. According to astrology, the first place in a horoscope represents the person’s own personality and the seventh-place is that of a life partner. In the horoscope of a male, the planet Venus is the factor of his wife while in the horoscope of a woman, Jupiter is the factor of her husband. The influence of lord planets of the sixth, eighth and twelfth houses of the horoscope should not be on the seventh house. The presence of each & every zodiac sign in the seventh place of the astrological horoscope and the planets have a significant impact. 

Seventh house of Astrology horoscope and different planets

  1. The presence of the Moon in the seventh house suggests that a man will have relationships with many women.
  2. Similarly, if Mars is in the seventh house, then it is quite possible that the native will have more than one wife in his life.
  3. Venus in the seventh-place makes the person a materialistic. Many times, it is observed that after the age of forty, men become impotent due to overindulgence in sexual activities.
  4. The presence of Saturn in the seventh position is not very good. It is common to have two marriages if Saturn is in the seventh house of the horoscope. In addition, he is seen making a relationship with older women, widows, divorced women.
  5. Rahu is never good in the seventh house. The person does not follow the rules and does not take care of dignity in the matter of physical relations. He also makes connections with very low-level women.
  6. On the presence of Ketu in the seventh place, the person is seen making physical relationship with widows

Planetary yoga of good character person

Let us know some planetary situations, which are idle for a character good of human : –

  1. Jupiter makes the character of life partner good. In the D9 chart of the horoscope, if the sight of Jupiter is on the ascendant, in other words, Jupiter is in the fifth, seventh or ninth place then the character of life partner is very good, even if there is Mars in the ascendant. We can say that the sight of Jupiter only is enough to make a person Sanskari.
  2. In the absence of the sight of Jupiter, if the lord of the Ascendant is in its own zodiac sign, then the spouse is of a good character. He gets a characterful wife.
  3. If Venus sits in its own sign in the horoscope of the male, then he gets a wife of good character. In another case, if Venus is exalted in D9 chart of the horoscope then also the native gets a good wife.
  4. If the Mercury is in the Ascendant in its own sign and Jupiter put its sight on it, the wife will be definitely characterful.
  5. If both ascendant and lord of the seventh house are sitting in an auspicious sign, then both the husband and wife are characterful.
  6. If Jupiter, Venus, Moon, and Mercury are either in the first house or accompany ascendant in the horoscope then wife will be of good character.
  7. If the sight of Venus is on the seventh house of the horoscope, then maybe the wife is honest or not, but she will always be dear to her husband.
  8. If the lord of the ascendant and lord of the seventh house are free from the malefic planets then both husband and wife are characterful.

Planet responsible for making a person infidel

  1. If Rahu is in the seventh house of the horoscope, then the nature of the wife is never known.
  2. Even if the lord of the seventh house of the horoscope is with Rahu, the nature of the wife is not known.
  3. Rahu, Saturn, Mars If any two of these planets influence the seventh house of the horoscope, then the character of the woman remains suspicious.
  4. If there are many auspicious planets in the seventh house of the D9 chart of the horoscope of a man, then his wife’s character will be full of doubt.
  5. If the ascendant of the horoscope is weak, but the lord of the seventh house is strong, then the husband works on the gestures of his wife, irrespective of the character of his wife.
  6. If the ascendant is strong in the horoscope and the lord of the seventh house is weak then the wife dances at the gestures of her husband.
  7. Ascendant and the lord of the seventh house play an important role in making the character of husband and wife being a characterless or good character. One important thing, in the male horoscope if Rahu is with Venus and in the female horoscope, if Rahu is with Jupiter then the character of the native will be doubtful.

In the end, I will say that this subject is so deep that it cannot be known through just one article. Rather, even a book on this subject will fall short. My humble request to my readers is that if you want to get information about the character of your prospective life partner, and other marriage predictions, then don’t take any decision without taking advice from a qualified and learned astrologer. Do not hesitate to contact me on this subject.

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