Planetary Combinations to Make Money from the Share Market

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Let’s accept it. Most of us want to make money fast. And there are many ways to do that. One of them is investing in the share or stocks market. Many people put their money in stocks hoping that it would earn them a huge return. But as they say, it takes you to have good luck apart from trading skills to maximize your profits through the share market.

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In other words, you need to have good luck while investing in stocks. 

Well, there are certain planetary combinations in astrology that can make you successful in the share market or other risky businesses such as lottery or betting.

Here is a horoscope of Nita Ambani. Many IPL trophies have been won by her franchise Mumbai Indian. So what makes it an impactful and successful businesswoman? Is it due to the horoscope of Nita Ambani or the hard work of her team and the position of the planets?

Understanding the Planetary Combinations for Share Market

It is not necessarily that all successful stock market investors have the same horoscope. This is because of the different planetary positions during their time of birth.

Let’s find out what are those planetary positions for the share market can be benefitted by taking risks such as stock markets or betting.

This is a horoscope of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Radakishan Damani, and Warren Buffet. 

The Role of Mercury:

Mercury represents cleverness and smart work. If your mercury is strong, you can earn a lot of money in a short time. The more Mercury prevails, the more money a person earns in the stock market. Share market is believed to come into existence 400 years ago and it became a norm. The boom of the share market can be owed to mercury.

The Combination of Mercury with Other Planets:

When there is a combination of Mercury and Sun, you can become a successful industrialist. When the effects of Mercury and Moon combine, the person is likely to earn money from arts and entertainment.

When the conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter is formed, there is progress in the field of education. If there is a conjunction of Mercury and Venus, then there are tremendous changes in the world of cosmetics and fashion. When Mercury and Saturn are in conjunction, there is progress in aviation and astronomy.

The conjunction of Mercury and Rahu causes turmoil in the gambling, speculative stock market, and media world. The conjunction of Mercury and Ketu gives special progress in the medical field, psychology, and spirituality.

Sure, mercury is an important planet to get benefitted from the share market. But that doesn’t mean you cannot invest in the share market or see benefits by taking risks with weak mercury.

Many guidelines haven’t been considered as everyone has a different horoscope. Therefore, make sure to understand risk management and whether you should invest in the share market.

Will you get success in the share market?

It depends on two things— the planetary position of investing time and the planetary position happening in the future. I make a prediction based on the behavior of the planets in the present and future and how they can bring up and down in your life.

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As far as authenticity is concerned, we try to give 100% genuine predictions.

We strive to guide you on the right things. While astrology might help you tell the right time to invest, avoid investing a huge amount of money just because your astrologer suggests you do so. Keep in mind that you need both luck and trading skills to succeed in the share market.