Marriage prediction: What your horoscope indicates?

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We have all heard of a saying that marriages are arranged in heaven. People believe that fate of every person is predestined and that marriages will take place at a fixed time with predetermined person. The parents become concerned about marriage of their children as they reach the age of marriage. Full marriage prediction is here from famous astrologer Ashok Prajapati to help a person take informed decisions about his marriage.

Role of direction and place in marriage:

There are certain situations in which the parents of girl are not able to find suitable match for their daughter. In this case, the search can get easier if the direction and place of marriage is detected. 7th house is considered to be the marriage house and the position of Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius, Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces etc. in this house indicates the distance between residences of life partners.

For the direction of marriage, the most powerful planet and its direction in the 7th house is considered. This indicates the direction in which the marriage might take place. In case 7th house does not have any strong planet then the direction of planet having most influential aspect on house is the direction of marriage. In case 7th house is not featured by any planet then Navmansh kundali’s 7th house is considered.

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Details of life partner:

According to the Indian astrology, the dominance or weakness of 7th house or lord of ascendant impact the marriage related decisions of a person. The signs and their might in the houses decide how the partner will be in nature. Marriage prediction can provide details in this case as well.

Life partner’s financial status:

The life partner is a rich person in case 7th house’s lord is featured by wealth lord or vice versa. Chances of getting married in affluent family are there in case 7th house lord’s position is in kundali’s 5th, 10th, 4th or 9th house.

If 7th house’s lord is in conjunction with 4th house lord or lord of earnings i.e. 2nd house or with karma lord in 4th, 1st, 10th or 7th house then it indicates that the family of in-laws will be an affluent family.

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Life partner’s profession:

The partner will be service class in case position of 4th house lord is in the 10th or 4th house. The partner will be a businessman if the conjunction of 4th house lord is with Kendra house’s lord. The probable life partner might be an entrepreneur in case either of Venus, mercury or moon is the lord of 7th house or it is positioned in 5th, 2nd, 10th, 9th or 11th house. The life partner might belong to a well-known profession in case 7th house’ lord is either of Saturn, Sun or Mars.

The position of planets therefore has great impact on the marriage related decisions in the life of a person. In case you are looking for reliable advice for your marriage then do contact the famous astrologer Ashok Prajapati who is here serving in the field of astrology since years and helping people with his valuable advice and suggestions. He can provide reliable services such as kundali reading for marriage to offer answer for several queries such as when will I get married, how will be the married life etc.  Contact him to get complete information regarding married life and future life partner.