Marriage prediction through Date of Birth

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One of the most important life turning decisions is choosing a life partner and each one is curious about their life partner. A good life partner makes your life happy and prosperous, whereas if a wrong decision is made then the life is full of stress and tension. So, one has innumerable questions in mind as to when will I get married? What kind of life partner I will get? Will my marriage be successful? The answers to these questions lie to a large extent in best dating apps over 35 or Kundali?

When a child is born, the position of the Sun, Moon and other planets are noted according to time and place of birth. After a number of astrological calculations, a chart is prepared called horoscope.

A horoscope or Kundali is used to make predictions of many aspects of life like prosperity, age span, children, health and marriage. Studying the position of different planets at a particular point of time helps to make predictions about different life aspects.  The principal house of marriage is the 7th house which represents not only marriage but all kinds of union, association and amalgamation. But this scientific interpretation cannot be done by a layman. Here the expertise of an experienced astrologer is required.

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On giving one’s date of birth, time of birth and place of birth, an astrologer prepares the horoscope and then makes specific predictions. The christian single dating site through the date of birth gives us information about the following:

  • Is marriage on one’s cards
  • Time period when marriage will take place
  • Whether one will have Love or arranged marriage
  • Prospects of a successful marriage
  • Chances of unhappy marriage
  • Remedies for unhappy marriage
  • Separation or divorce chances
  • Probability of remarriage

Marriage predictions through date of birth is also done by doing a compatibility test between horoscopes of two individuals. This is also called Kundali matching. Here the positions of the various celestial bodies in the horoscope of both the Individuals is studied to find the effect of positions of the planets in the horoscope of one individual on the other. If these effects turn out to be positive bringing prosperity and happiness to their married life then both the Individuals are termed compatible. The compatibility points is given terms of Gun. More the guns match, more the couple is compatible. If some negative effects also called Dosh are found then the astrologer suggests remedial measures in terms of some religious procedure to reduce the negative effect.

Though there is no method to prove the accuracy of this prediction, it is still very popular in India. These predictions prepare people to face future and plan their present accordingly. Many do not believe in these predictions and state that it is our good deeds or karma which decides our life path, but the best dating apps over 35 is a chart of our past deeds or karma which affects our present.

Even though, not all marriages even after astrological predictions from the learned astrologers are successful, these predictions provide direction and emotional support and confidence in taking decisions regarding choosing a life partner.