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Marriage prediction by astrology can be a great help in guiding the future. In order to find out the marriage’s timing, people go for selecting marriage prediction by date of birth and name. This ensures, there exists a good compatibility between the couple and they are in a position to lead a happy life. Astrologer Ashok Prajapati offers free predictions under which a couple can get benefit in matching the gun Milan. It is important to note that marriage astrology helps in predicting the reason for delay in the marriage. Not just that, it even helps in telling the proper time of marriage and how the married life is going to be in the future.

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If you go for finding help via marriage prediction by date of birth free online you will get to know the answers of every question like why there’s delay in the marriage, why it looks like marriage will take place but then it ends and why there are troubles in the married life. If you take the advice of reliable astrologer with years of experience then you will get guidance about the married life and problems that are faced by couples in general.

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Questions of which you can expect answers:


  1. When will I get married and why is my marriage delayed?
  2. I am Manglik and the other one is not? You I get the answer if I should married a Non Manglik?
  3. Is there possibility of love marriage or my marriage is going to be arranged marriage?



  1. Which career is best for me?
  2. Should I go for a business or I should look for a job?
  3. Is there any possibility of getting a government job?
  4. Besides hard work, I am not getting the results of my work. Why?
  5. My job is not going smooth. Is it the right time to switch?


  1. My health is not supporting me as if now. When it is going to be better?
  2. Is there any solution for my health problems in astrology?
  3. Is there any age by when I can expect everything related to my health be fine?



  1. My business is going down for the last 2 years. Is the position going to get improved in this year?
  2. My business is not as good as it should be. Do I need to change my existing business?
  3. Which business is profitable for me?
  4. It is good to invest or take risk in my business at this point of time?
  5. My business partner is asking for credit, should I give or not?

The answers to all the above questions are very important and can only be answered by experienced astrologer. It is for this reason it is essential to take help of astrologer who can offer marriage prediction by date of birth free online. This will help in at least keeping a check on the marriage which is directly or indirectly related to happiness.

If you also have any doubt related to above, then you should get in touch with the most experienced and reliable astrologer of India, Shree Ashok Prajapati. Don’t wait as sometimes the solution is just a step away from you.


Suthar Krishna · 2018-08-27 at 5:08 am

BIRTH DATE: 19/12/1994
TIME:11:43 AM
I want to know about my marriage for when & where? In india or abroad?

    Ashok Prajapati · 2018-09-07 at 4:36 am

    You are a partial manglik person. Venus situated in 9th house with Rahu. This is the yog of abroad settlement so after marriage, you are going abroad. I can tell you the direction also. Please apply for paid horoscope reading. Download our app for details.

Suthar Krishna · 2018-08-27 at 5:09 am

for career , when i will comes to job?

    Ashok Prajapati · 2018-09-07 at 4:33 am

    Please tell me your birth details. I need date of birth time and place of birth to answer your question.

E. Mageshwari · 2018-09-01 at 11:26 am

Hi sir, I am Mageshwari. When will i get married? Why my marriage is getting late? My date of birth:23.12.1990, Place of birth: Vadakkankulam, Tamilnadu Birth time:5.57pm…But, i need detail marriage prediction..i could not find the link..Please reply me for this question and send me the payment link for detail marriage prediction.Thank u and waiting for your reply..

sumitra sahoo · 2018-09-18 at 5:51 pm

sir my self sumitra sahoo,my date of birth is 17-08-1992
birth time-12:35pm
birth place-Rourkela,odisha
i want to know about my marriage
either it love marriage or arranged

    Ashok Prajapati · 2018-10-05 at 10:22 am

    Yes there are chances of love marriage in your horoscope but be careful from Mars. You are a Manglik person & if your partner is not a Manglik then you will have to struggle a lot to get married.

shivani · 2018-10-12 at 1:00 pm

plz confirm when will i get married . will i settle abroad after marriage since i am getting lot of proposals from foreigners , so i am confused whether should i get ahead or not in this regard ?.. my details r 16.03.1982,10:47am ,delhi….regds, shivani

    Ashok Prajapati · 2018-10-25 at 2:57 am

    You have a complex planetary position. You might have problems in your married life be careful while matchmaking. Your partner might be living abroad & your planet says you will be living away from your family & friends. All the best.

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