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Love is the most important factor that must be present for love marriage. If you are in love with someone and want to know whether future chances are of love marriage or arrange marriage then share your date of birth with us to get the desired information. We can help you with our free online marriage prediction and marriage prediction astrology by date of birth.

We also want to educate you on how love and arranged marriage astrology works so that you can get the concept.

In this article, we will provide information about the planets, stars and yogas in astrology having significance in love or arrange marriage.

Love or arranged marriage prediction by date of birth free online explained

Just one question have deep meanings. The question will I have love or arranged marriage have many sub-questions.

If you look into the graphic above you will see the 1st house in the horoscope is for you.

  • 2nd house is for your love after your 1st marriage ends.
  • 3rd house is for resources & beneficial friends in your love relationship.
  • 4th house is of expenses of your love.
  • 5th house is of your real love and 6th house is for your lover’s financial position.
  • 7th house is of your marriage not only love but arranged marriage also calculate from this house.

So if you look into this chart explainer you will have clear idea of what you can ask in your love marriage prediction request.

What to do when horoscope matching is strongly not recommended

Still if you need a trial prediction we can analyze your horoscope for free. You will get online prediction direct into your inbox.

Love or arranged marriage prediction by date of birth explainer


Still if you need a trial prediction we can analyze your horoscope for free. You will get online prediction direct into your inbox. 

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Possibility of Love Marriage in Your Horoscope

The first important point to be noticed is whether the horoscope of the person has love or not.

The first planet that is significant for love is Venus. In case of planet Venus is weak or influenced by rivalry planets then the love life of the person might come to an even in the very beginning.

Along with this, the 1st, 5th, and position of planet Rahu in horoscope of the person are analyzed to find the answer to several factors such as:

  • Whether there are chances of love marriage or not
  • Whether marriage would take place with the beloved person or chances are there to arrange marriage
  • Whether love relations will be successful for the person or not etc.

Several such marriage related questions could be answered in marriage prediction with the analysis of horoscope of the person.


love or arranged marriage prediction-AshokPrajapati


    The first house of horoscope is analyzed to see how much romantic the person is since if there is no interest in love then how feelings of love will arise for the partner. If it is inferred that the person is not romantic at all and is extremely practical in nature then the first house of horoscope is considered to analyze the power of attraction of this person.  This attraction power helps to pull people towards oneself and they can’t resist from falling in love with the person.

    As per the love or arrange marriage prediction by date of free online by experienced astrologer Ashok Prajapati, the second important factor in this regard is the 5th house in the horoscope of the person. This house is analyzed for love relations, romance, entertainment etc.

    If the relation of 5th house in horoscope is there with lord of lagna, lord of 7th house, lord of 11th house or with the lord of 2nd house in horoscope then connections in love relations become so strong that they gets converted to marriage.


    marriage -AshokPrajapati
    In this case, love marriage takes place without any difficulty since 1st house is of character and personality of the person, 2nd house is of family whose agreement is important for love marriage. The 7th house of horoscope is of love and if lord of this position is directly or indirectly connected with 5th house then there are no troubles in the way of love marriage. The 11th house of horoscope is for the fulfillment of desires and what else could be the desire of the person in love other than love marriage?
    love or arranged marriage-AshokPrajapati

    Rahu and love marriage:

    Planet Rahu is termed to be responsible for love marriage. Some people might think about how Rahu could help in love relations? The fact is that it is planet Rahu that creates situations in which the person gets trapped. It is like your sudden meeting with someone and then meeting that person again and again bounds you to keep thinking for that person. Some instances proving this fact:

    A boy was in love with a girl, he tried to talk to her but the girl denied it. Both of them were working in the same company but the boy left the job since his heart was broken. He began working in another company where his salary was also low with the hope that this might help him forget his pain. But after some time, the girl also got a job in the company parallel to the company of this man. They started meeting again and the girl got engaged in some time. The boy also got a job in foreign and when he came back after 2 years, he thought that the girl might have got married by now.

    However, they met again after the boy came back from foreign. This time the girl was also surprised thinking that why we are meeting again and again. The engagement of the girl was broken after which she was in search of a person who could understand her. Finally, it was this boy only who knew her for long and could understand her and therefore without making any delays, they headed for love marriage. Such situations are termed as twists of fate and the situations that take place again and again due to these coincidences have some really big reason behind them. This case is the perfect example where situations have been created by Rahu for the girl and boy such that they got connected to each other and headed towards love marriage.

    love marriage-AshokPrajapati

    Efficient Remedies for Marriage Problems

    Whether you are destined to have love marriage or arranged marriage, there are many problems that can delay your marriage. Thanks to the certain astrological yogas and planetary positions.

    If the guru’s vision is forming the yoga of marriage by falling in the fifth house in the horoscope of a person, but Rahu sits in the eleventh house at the same time, then this yoga is considered inauspicious for marriage. There are many difficulties faced in getting the marriage fixed. Apart from this, if inauspicious planets come and sit on the fifth place of the Guru, they become an impediment in marriage. These inauspicious planets are Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.

    Manglik Dosha can also lead to delays in marriage. If there is Manglik defect in the horoscope of a person, then his marriage will be interrupted. Apart from this, if the native has been married with this defect then there will be a situation of discord in the marriage.

    Here we suggest your some remedies to remove the marriage delays.

    Girls Can….

    • Feed green fodder to the cow on Thursday reduces the planetary defect related to the horoscope.
    • Keep Fast on Thursday and worship the banana plant.
    • Worship Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati.
    • Donate yellow food items and wear yellow clothes on Thursday
    • Get their Manglik dosha pacified

    Boys Can…

    • Perform offerings to the Sun while chanting the Sun’s mantra.
    • Put a lamp of sweet water and ghee in Peepal and pray for your wish I the evenng.
    • Get their Kalsarpdosha pacified.
    • Get their eclipse defect caused by the conjunction of Rahu with Surya or Chandra pacified.
    • Offer milk daily to Shiva
    • Eliminate Vastu Defects in the house
    • Keep their head towards south or east while sleeping.
    • Get their Manglik dosha pacified.

    Common Remedies for Both Boy and Girl:

    • Make sure to apply a bit of mehandi meant for bride or groom.
    • Make sure to remove your slippers outside the room while entering the house for marriage proposal.


    Love or arranged marriage prediction by date of birth explainer

    Get the Right Love and Arranged Marriage Prediction by a Renowned Astrologer!

    So, different planets can create different situations that might lead to love or arranged marriage for the person. The marriage prediction services offered by famous astrologer Ashok Prajapati can help a person get an idea regarding the probable chances of marriage. Get love or arranged marriage prediction by date of birth free online and find solutions for all marriage-related queries.


    Love Marriages and Its Scope Through Astrology


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