Love Or Arranged Marriage – Astrology Predictions

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Love Or Arranged Marriage - Astrology Predictions

Marriage is the biggest change in a person’s life. So it’ natural for unmarried people to wonder whether they will have love marriage or arranged marriage. Naturally, this question is the most common one that people ask me all the time.

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What Is The Real Difference Between Love And Arranged Marriage?

What is love marriage in the true sense? When acceptance of parents or society doesn’t impact the decision of the couple to get married, it is love marriage in true sense. Even if parents from any one side deny or refuse to accept the marriage, it still is a love marriage. Even if the society refuses to accept the marriage, it is still a love marriage.

Generally, what happens these days, is that young adults are more intelligent and develop love marriage plans with people whom they believe their family will also like. MIy observation is that in southern states of India, such as Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad and Mumbai, the society is becoming liberal and accepting children’s decisions of love marriage. However, all the planning of the marriage is done with due consideration of the parents and both sides approve of the relationship and then proceed with the marriage. This is actually a blend – a love cum arranged marriage.

I have several clients whose approach is more traditional, and who want to make the best choice of bride and groom for their children. Also, because not every young adult has a love relationship it becomes necessary for some parents to start the bride/groom search for their child. This is a classic example of arranged marriages.

Astrology Can Benefit You – Whether It’s Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage

While love marriage is becoming the norm in most societies by the day, some people still prefer the traditional method. But it might be that some may be better off with an arranged marriage while preferring a love marriage, and vice versa. Marriage is an important decision for most. In case of an arranged marriage, the partner may not prove to be compatible in the long run. This is why it is always a wise idea to go by what the stars suggest.

I think people who turn to astrology for guidance are highly practical, because this is the most ancient body of scientific knowledge, accepted and respected the world over. People want to know whether astrology can predict marriage, or answer marriage related questions. The answer is – it works. Today, I will explain some of the basics of how marriage prediction works for all Zodiac signs.

The 7th House – Most Important Aspect of Marriage Predictions

The 7th house is the ruling house of marriage, and its position vis a vis the sun and the moon determines the nature of marriage.

But it is not the 7th house alone, or these 2 planets for that matter. There are also Jupiter and Mercury, along with the rulers of the 2nd house, 5th house, 8th house, 11th house and the 12th house to help astrologers gain a better understanding of the marital life.

The 2nd house represents the relatives, the 5th intimacy and romance- this is the primary house the astrologer needs to look into for determining the possibility and nature of love marriage. 7th house is the house of desire, 8th house the sexual organs, 11th house the cordiality – it is the primary house of gain. And the 12th house the very basic aspects of marriage.

Some zodiac signs, like Libra and Scorpio, need special attention while thinking of marriage as they belong to the 7th and 8th houses respectively. They are the most dynamic signs when it comes to aspects of love and marriage, because Libra is directly ruled by Venus and Scorpio. Scorpio is also ruled by Pluto. This is also the reason these two zodiacs are often blamed for having the highest number of cheaters. Actually, Libra is often indecisive and find settling down at one place a bit difficult.

Going by the trends, the zodiacs Pisces, Gemini, Cancer, Aquarius and Libra have higher chances of having a love marriage, especially if the people are born with an Ascendant or Moon in their signs.

Arranged or Love Marriage – What Should You Do?

When the House of Love and Romance is in very clear alignment with the House of Marriage, it is best to go for love marriages. A conjunction of Mars and Venus is also a very favorable indicator of love marriage. There are numerous combinations of houses based on the position of the rulers at a particular time. The more the number of favorable combinations, the better.

One Key Mistake To Avoid in Marriage Prediction

While predicting whether you will have love or arranged marriage, an astrologer must also keep in mind that while determining the charts, Venus should never be in retrograde. Also, there should be no connection established with the ruler of the 6th house, which is the house of separation. These are the strongest indicators that any kind of union, love or arranged, will not last.

The Role of Jupiter in Deciding Your Marriage

The role of Jupiter is important as it is the planet overseeing judgment, morality, spirituality, etc. Those with a strong Jupiter tend to be more attracted to custom and tradition, which is why arranged marriage might be the best for them. For the ideal love marriage, Jupiter should be in the retrograde and should be connected with the 5th and 7th houses when they are inconjunct.

Love or Arranged Marriage Prediction for All Zodiac Signs 2019

Among the key planets for love/arrange marriage prediction are Aries, Taurus, and Gemini. Apart from these Sun and Venus also play a major role in accurate marriage predictions. Here I am sharing some inputs on how accurate marriage predictions are carried out for all zodiac signs.

  • For Aries, the positions of Sun and Venus are highly important; they must coordinate for there to be suitable conditions for your marriage.
  • For Taurus, Mercury and Mars are the key planets to be studied for accurate marriage prediction.
  • For Gemini, the key planets to be analyzed are Venus and Jupiter.
  • For Cancer zodiac sign, Saturn and Mars must be benevolent for proper marriage conditions to exist.
  • For Leo, Jupiter and Saturn must coordinate such that the situation becomes suitable for love marriage.
  • For Virgo, Saturn and Jupiter must be benevolent for marriage.
  • For Libra, planets Saturn and Mars become most important for me to come up with accurate marriage predictions.
  • For Scorpio, planets Jupiter and Venus are studied to make the marriage prediction more accurate.
  • For Sagittarius, the planets Mars and Mercury determine the likelihood of marriage.
  • For Capricorn, the key planets are Venus and Moon.
  • For Aquarius, the planets worth studying for accurate marriage prediction are Mercury and Sun.
  • For Pisces, the most important planets for marriage prediction are Moon and Mercury.

Seek Consultation for Highly Personalized Advice

At the end of the day, true love overcomes everything. While two people in love really should not break up their union in the face of an unfavorable chart, marriage prediction can help them prepare for the unpleasant things to come in the future and keep their relationship and peace afloat. It is thus the ability and experience of the astrologer that determine everything. I have 10+ years of experience in marriage prediction; get in touch, and I will help you with all the answers. If you already have an accurate birth chart, you can share it with me and I will help you out with the most accurate marriage prediction.