Love Marriage Predictions for Couples with The Same Zodiac Sign

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Love compatibility in astrology

There is a saying that “opposites attract each other” and “similar repel each other.” Does this rule apply to our love relationships also? Read through this post and understand how much is true by taking an example of people born under the Aries sign.

Aries being the sign of fire denotes a hot-headed person who is also impulsive in nature. What if these two people born under Aries sign start dating each other and plan to get married? The constant soaring egos of both the Aries will tend to blow up the relationship and toss their passion out of the window. That does not mean that Aries can never have a love marriage. The only factor they need to examine is the zodiac sign of their partner for a successful marriage or a relationship.

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If two people born with Gemini zodiac sign get married, one thing is sure that they will never be bored with each other. If one of them loves to wander and is adventurous, the other Gemini will have to bring stability to cherish and respect this combination. The passion between the two of them can sustain until either of them gets bored or moved away. Overall, this combination gives mixed results and is highly unpredictable if two Gemini choose to get married.

The third example is of people who are born with Virgo as their zodiac sign. These people are of giving nature and are of selfless thoughts. They tend to be shadows of each other and often termed as mirror personalities. If these two get married, they will push for each other’s growth and development. They tend to support each other like pillars.

If you have enjoyed reading till here, let’s continue to see how love Marriage Predictions for Couples with The Same Zodiac Sign tends to be different for different zodiacs

If two scorpions get married to each other, their passion for each other makes this match like a bolt of thunderstorm lightning. The usual challenges faced by these people are trust issues, suspicion, and jealousy. Two scorpions may always fight with each other, but deep inside, their love remains untouched and intact.

If two Capricorns decide to get married, one thing is sure that these two will understand the need of each other outside their relationship. Giving space to each other and appreciating the work of other people is a blessing in their nature. If, by any chance, they allow their aspirations or professional ambitions to blow their relationship, this can create a mess for them.

If you are looking forward to getting married, you can get love marriage prediction from an experienced astrologer who will analyze the birth chart of both – you and your partner to provide you guidance on the next steps. Compatibility between two people will also depend upon the planetary positions in one’s horoscope and not always the zodiac signs; therefore, horoscope reading should be done very carefully before we call it a match that is “made for each other.”

Marriage – This year there is no chance of marriage for the Gemini and Libra sign.


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