Kundali reading for love marriage

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love marriage in Kundli

 Horoscope or Kundali for Love Marriage

Matching horoscopes for marriage has been practiced since ancient times. The horoscope or kundali for Love Marriage actually reflects the position of the planets in the solar system at the time of birth. At the time of birth, the position of the planets in the Solar system through its effect on us throughout life. That is why the horoscope is also called the mirror of our life.

You know that there are twelve houses in the horoscope. Each house represents any aspect of our life. In the twelve houses of horoscope, have 12 zodiac signs. In this birth chart, we see nine planets in the different houses. The astrologer predicts based on twelve zodiac signs, nine planets and the twelve houses of the horoscope.

Prediction by Ashok Prajapati



Love marriage

 When a person asks us about love marriage, we study the birth-chart, horoscope focusing mainly on the three-four points in the horoscope. These points are as follows:-

The fifth and the seventh house of the horoscope

  • The fifth house of the horoscope tells about the love relationship of the Native. The Seventh house represents marriage. We study the horoscope to see which zodiac signs are located in the fifth house and seventh house. Which are the lord planets of these zodiac signs and which house they occupied in the horoscope. In the fifth and seventh house, we check whether the auspicious planets are sitting or the sinful planets are sitting. We confirm whether the fifth house and seventh house are under the sight of auspicious planets or the sight of sinful planets.
  • After collecting all the information, we analysis these things in depth. We predict the possibility of love marriage if our findings suggest that the lord of the sign in the fifth house of the horoscope and the lord of the zodiac signs in the seventh house are the auspicious planets and that planets are sitting together in the ascendant, center or triangle house in the horoscope. These planets have the relations of conjunction or aspect. We predict that there are full chances of love marriage of the native. This love marriage will be auspicious and it will take place during the period & sub-period of the planets in the fifth and seventh house. One more important thing, we should not forget that the love marriage will be completed without interruption.
  • However, if fifth house and the lord of fifth house along with seventh house & lord of seventh house are under the influence of sinful aspect of sinful planets or they are establishing relations of conjunction, sight then we predict that love marriage is possible but not peacefully and not without interruption. The lover couple have to face objection of parents, relatives, society etc. Many obstacles will come in the path of their love marriage. 
  • In this sequence, if we come to know that there is no connection between the fifth, the lord of fifth house of the horoscope and seventh & lord of seventh house of the horoscope, then we predict that the native is not likely to have the love marriage in life. He / She will have arranged marriage.

Jupiter and Venus

  • Whether marriage is based on love relations or arranged, the position of the planet Jupiter in the horoscope of the girl should be auspicious. Because Jupiter is considered factor of marriage in the horoscope of girls. If Jupiter is inauspicious, debilitated or situated in the enemy zodiac sign in girl’s horoscope, then her marital life would not have been very good.
  • In the horoscope of male natives, the malefic, debilitated, placed in enemy sign Venus also obstructs the happiness of marriage. Therefore, if Venus is auspicious in the horoscope of a male person, then there will be no hindrance in marriage, but if it is not auspicious then marriage and marital life will not be auspicious.


Saturn plays an important role in our life. It is very important to check the position of Saturn in the horoscope or Kundali for Love Marriage love marriage. I have experienced that the influence of Saturn on the seventh & fifth house delay in marriage. One other important thing, due to influence of Saturn the life partner looks older than the actual age. 

D9 Chart

Beside the above point, study of D9 chart is also very important to give final decision.

Accurate Prediction for Love Marriage

Accurate prediction requires the study of the birth chart of both the girl and the young man. Therefore, for love marriages, the accuracy of the prediction may be lower if it is made by looking at the horoscope of one person only. I believe that the final decision / prediction should be deliver only after looking at the horoscope of both the girl and the young man.


In the end, I will only say that if you are in a love affair and are serious about getting married, do not take decisions for marriage in hurry. Show the horoscope of both to a qualified and learned astrologer and decide the marriage according to his advice. We have been working in the field of astrology for the last 25 years. If you are serious about making love marriage and want any advice in this regard, then you can contact us without any hesitation. We will give you proper advice and if necessary, will suggest measures for the prevention of hindrances.