How your love life be after marriage?

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How your love life be after marriage?

The concept of marriage and finding a soulmate to spend the rest of life with is something that most people think about. One of the purest forms of relationship is marriage in which two people decide to live together spending a happy and loving life. It is a simple yet strong bond in which the partners put up with each other in bad or good, sad or happy etc.  Blissful and loving married life is the dream of everyone and this is the reason why people make all the possible efforts to avoid problems. In all these, astrology can serve to be extremely helpful. It is due to planetary movements and some of their malefic effects that problems arise in life.

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Will you get married to your love?

In this case, you can get help from astrology to know as for how your life will be after marriage. For all those who want their married life to be loving, passionate, successful and free from problems, the factor that serves as helping hand is astrology. It offers several remedies for a happy and intact married life while explaining the effect of planets on couples. With the help of astrology, one can get to know whether the suggested relation can lead to a happy and successful married life. It also gives details as to how the love life be after marriage.

The planetary position and their impact are different for different people and this is the reason why it is better to get the help of a learned astrologer. This will help get proper insight regarding love life after marriage so that one can take decisions accordingly. The experienced and knowledgeable astrologer like astrologer Ashok Prajapati provide complete details regarding probable married life and also suggest desired remedies in case problems are foreseen. This helps a person to lead a comfortable and easy married life.

In present day hectic life, couples are unable to find enough time for each other that creates differences between them and leads to fights disturbing harmony of the relation. To avoid such situation, it is important for the couple to take proper steps on time before things goes out of control.

Parameters for happy love life after marriage

Before taking final marriage decision, it is important to intensely check the 2nd, 5th, 1st, 7th, 4th and 12th house. It is important for these houses to be strong and position of their lords must be playing positive role. In addition to this, the effect of malefic planets must also be checked in order to keep a check on the probable problems.

The signifying planets

There is a significant role of each planet either immediately or after sometime of marriage having direct or indirect Impact on the couple. However, the planets having vital role in marriage related decisions are:

  • Venus: For marriage, it is the seed or karka factor behind every decision.
  • Mars: It is important to check Mars as sensual pressure is represented by this planet.
  • Jupiter: As per some of the astrologers, Jupiter in a woman’s horoscope signifies husband. It is important for these significators to be robust in order to provide the married couple with suitable outcomes.