How to get a promotion in the job? Solution by an Astrologist

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Promotion in the Job according to astrology

Stress in Salaried Employees to Get Promotion and Remedies in Astrology

People who are employed and depend on the salary, are worried about their jobs throughout their life whether my job will be safe or not? Will I get promoted or not? The feeling of a kind of insecurity always prevails in their mind. In this post, I am going to tell you what can be done according to astrology for better conditions in the job.

First, we should see what is the present planetary position which is making us stable or unstable in the job. According to this situation, we can improve our job by taking some measures in our daily life.

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Promotion in the  Job according to astrology

The biggest good news for people who are in the job and waiting for a promotion is the news of their promotion and they get this news only when the grace of an auspicious planet like Jupiter comes. That is, in the year in which the grace of Jupiter fall at the Ascendant or the first house of the horoscope, the tenth house of the horoscope, the second house of the horoscope, the eleventh house. When this happens the opportunity of promotion or circumstances of promotion arises.


But keep in mind that at the time of promotion, one thing is always important, that is performance because you must have seen that promotion takes place according to the appraisal, whether it is a government job or private. However, the role of fate can never deny or ignore. Venus should be strong for good performance. In the year in which the major period of Venus or sub-period of Venus comes into your life, then laziness also enters in your life, but when this Venus is auspicious, you leave laziness and work hard and your performance is better than ever. 

Planetary Position and promotion

To get the promotion it is necessary to have the position of one or more planets at the ascendant house of your birth chart. No doubt, it will increase the workload and when the workload increase then one has to work hard. When you work, there is definitely a reaction to it and this reaction is seen as a result of your performance. Simply put, if there is the influence of many planets in the ascendant and Jupiter has an auspicious effect in transit, then a situation like promotion arises.

Let understand in a phased manner what the promotion means.

Unopposed promotion in job

You must have always seen that when a person gets a promotion, there will be either a recommendation behind him or his performance. It is rare that someone suddenly wakes up and get promoted after years. Performance can never be denied, so for the unopposed promotion, strengthening of the sixth house of the horoscope is necessary. Because when the opponents do not protest, then the path of success will be open for you. If the lord of the sixth house is weak or if the effect of the sinful planets in the sixth place is in your transit horoscope, then in that year you get the promotion unopposed.

Promotion after oppose 

For this, it is necessary to have a strong third house than the sixth house of the horoscope. When the lord planet of the third house of your horoscope is activated, then it deactivates the lord planet of the sixth house. When you make effort, you show your ability, and you work hard then consequently the lord planet of the third house of the horoscope gets activated. 

If the lord planet of the sixth house of the horoscope is weaker than the lord planet of the third house of the horoscope then you get promoted despite opposition.

Pending promotions and Remedy 

If the promotion is pending for a long time and there are no chances of promotion, then take this remedy: –

  1. Daily when you go on the job than before leaving the house, put a pinch of flour under the right and left of the house frame. Do this continuously for 40 days, promotions chances will arise. 
  2. Cut a coconut, fill it with sugar or any sweet stuff for the ants, and bury it into the ground at noon on Saturday. After every 40 days, keep doing this remedy, the promotion will take place.
  3. For five Tuesday continuously, five rose flowers left in Hanuman Ji’s temple or at a high place, doing so will result in promotion.
  4. Burn cigarettes in the temple of Bhairav ​​Ji till three Saturdays, you will see its effect in no time as the protest ends.
  5. Try to repair the street in the locality or street pits or do such work yourself. You will get the good news in a few days.
  6. If there is a delay in getting the promotion letter or if the document is getting stuck, then as a remedy goes to the bank or government office to help the illiterate or needy, like filling the form or any kind of help. Promotion chances will be made.
  7. If there is no promotion due to any enemy, then offer purple flowers on Shivling for five Monday continuously, purple flowers you may get from Aak sapling. You will see its positive effect in a few days.
  8. With the crow’s feather, write the name of the enemy with black ink on the plant of Aak and leave it in the sun for 11 consecutive days. All the hindrances and obstacles of your path will end.

The above eight measures are infallible. Last week, Mr Murthy, my customer from Hyderabad, got the promotion in the job by taking the above remedy. If you are also facing the problem of promotion in the job then do not hesitate to contact.


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