How many children I will have in future. Child Predictions from Astrologer

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How many children you will have in future?

Horoscope India- Get children prediction by Date of Birth.

After marriage, the homely atmosphere changes drastically and after the birth of children’s life changes drastically. The astrology lovers always look for future updates for their life. If you are an astrology lover and married also have a question in your mind that how many children I will have in future. You can expect an answer to this question by astrology very easily.


The fifth house of horoscope lives for baby birth children’s future and children’s prediction by date of birth and time. The next house of horoscope from the fifth house is the ninth house which is known for your children’s children.


The placement of various planets in how many children you will have and how will be your children’s future how will be your future after the purpose of children etc.

Auspicious planet and effect of auspicious planets in 5th house indicates happiness from children and support from your children. On the contrary inauspicious planet effect or bad planet effect on 5th house indicates no children or childlessness sometime struggle while baby birth.

Sun in 5th house fulfilment of your dreams about children because one is the happy planet in 5th house.

If the Main planet sun is not affected by Saturn RahuKetu, you will get happiness from your children and you have more than two children.

Moon in 5th house indicates you will have love more than two children.

The only term is moon not affected by Saturn RahuKetu and sun. The powerful moon gives very good effect and child prediction by date of birth.

Mars in 5th house Mars effect in 5th house is a prediction of two children by your Horoscope as per Indian astrology.

 The only term is Mark should not be affected by RahuKetu Saturn and sun.

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Which planet indicates a single child

Nowadays most people are not interested in the next baby birth after the birth of the first child. Some people give the reason that referred more children then one because small family is a happy family. Ascendant people for the people related to Libra zodiac sign always have a single child.

But did you know that for small and Happy Family there is a particular planetary position? When the malefic effect and benefit effect exists on 5th house the prediction of the single child The Astrologer interpreter. There is another Indian astrology rule that Libra zodiac sign Libra.

Another astrology rule is about child prediction if you have Jupiter in 5th house you will have a single child but as many planet effects will be on Twitter situated in 5th house that many children you will have.

Big family prediction by astrology

You will have a big family if the second house and the fifth house has a very good combination with each other.

Small family e-prediction by date of birth

Self house planet in 5th house is assured prediction of two children. But if you have only benefic planet auspicious planet self house powerful planet in the fifth house you will have an ideal family.

Below is the horoscope of one of my client from Bengaluru in which you can see the Jupiter is situated in 5th house Sagittarius zodiac sign. And as per Mike prediction, the native has one baby boy and one baby girl. After 5 years of my prediction, this person was blessed with an ideal family. My ideal family, I mean to children without Cesarean operation with a good gap in both children.

Frequently Asked Questions about Childbirth


What are Fertile Zodiac Signs?

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

What are Infertile Signs?

Aries, Gemini, Virgo, and Leo

What are Indecisive Signs?

Taurus, Capricorn, Aquarius, Sagittarius, and Libra


What are Best Planetary Combinations for Children in Your Destiny?

  • The 5th House Lords is in conjunction with the Lagna and the Moon-ascendant is well positioned. If Jupiter is in good position, you will also have happiness from the kids.
  • The strength of Jupiter as well as the placement of the Lagna in the 5th It can create the yoga of having an obedient kid.
  • The fifth house locates in its own sign and in conjunction with sukhesh or bhagyesh.
  • Location of strong Panchmesh in the Lagna, fifth, seventh or ninth house in a kundali as well as it is not affected by a negative planet.
  • The presence of Mercury, Venus and Moon in the Ekadash.
  • The presence of Aries, Cancer or Taurus in the fifth house.
  • The presence of Lagnesh or Navmesah in the seventh house or in exalted sign of horoscope. Jupiter in conjunction with Lagnesha also leads to good results.
  • Lords of Kendra creating a Trikon are considered a good yoga for child birth.
  • If fifth house from the Lagna sits in the category of Moon and Venus and is in conjunction with them, the native can have more than one kid.
  • A kid is born to a nativepanchmesh and lagnesh sits in the category of male planets.


What are Astrological Reasons for Delay in Child Birth?

  • If Leo, Scorpio and Taurus sits in the fifth house with the Sun, while Saturn and Mars sit in the eight house and ascendant houserespectively, the childbirth can get delayed.
  • The position of Rahu in the 11th house and the 5th
  • If Leo, Virgo, Scorpio and Taurus are in conjunction with the Sun in the 5th house or Saturn in the 8th house or Mars is placed in the Lagna, then the joy of parenthood can be delayed.
  • Inauspicious fifth house can also delay child birth.


What Planets Can Affect Pregnancy?

  • If a female has an ill positioned Mars and the planet Mars is in conjunction at the Antardasha or the Dasha level or is in conjunction with the 5th
  • If the planets Satrun or Rahu or Ketu are affecting 1st, 4th and 10th houses, it can create the risk of miscarriage.
  • Negative planets like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn and Mars in the 5th house can lead to mishaps during pregnancy.
  • When the Saturn dasha is in operation at the time of delivery in the life of female and Saturn is known as a negative planet, it can lead to the risk of still birth.

So this was astrology calculation of child prediction by your date of birth and time.

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