How Astrology affects your career and its timing?

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Astrology affects your career path

While every aspect of life is essential, it is a career that roots everyone. Career is a significant aspect of life; it is from here; everything begins, you plan your entire life based on a promising career. With problems in career, everything comes to a halt; there is no clarity. Most of the stress comes from financial difficulties due to an unstable career. Here you can know How Astrology affects your career and its timing?

With everything going haywire, a career is something that needs to remain constant. A lot many people are now doubtful about their professional life. Many questions are asked to an astrologer, these days, there is only one question that is troubling most of us- When will I get a job?

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Your birth chart can indicate a lot about your career. Teenagers and young adults can be career counseled, in case they are confused about their career paths.

Before we go ahead with the details, we will look at two aspects, how the career is viewed in astrology and the scope of getting a job again.

Career & Astrology

If you have faith in astrology, you are aware that there are twelve houses in a birth chart signifying every aspect of your life. Similarly, your career is governed and predicted through the tenth house. It indicates your professional life, career path, promotions, and challenges. Saturn plays an important role when it comes to career. A well-positioned Saturn gives you a job or profession of your wish and desire. Especially when it’s related to administration. This is in the case of an exalted Saturn. If your birth chart has a malefic Saturn in the chart Saturn. If your birth chart has a malefic Saturn

Then there will be a lot of obstructions and delay in your career. Planets like Ketu and Rahu in the 10th house will also adversely affect the career path of the native. The chances are that the native will get the job at a later stage, or she or he has to face issues at the workplace.

The tenth house is also called the Kendra. Suppose Saturn is positioned in the Trikona or is in good conjunction with the lord of your first house (Ascendant), the chances of getting the desired job increases. In case a birth chart has Jupiter in the tenth house or Saturn in the ninth house or Sun in the tenth house and Saturn in the fifth house, it will always work in your favor professionally. This is the most auspicious placement there is for a bright career. There will be promotions appraisals before or on time; there will be no hurdles or obstructions.

Astrology in the Age of Uncertainty

What affects the timing of the job?

Saturn placed in any of the houses signifies a lot about the timing of the career as well. For instance, if Saturn is positioned in the seventh house, the native’s career could be a business in partnership, or their career would flourish after marriage. The following factors are considered to know the timing of your job.

  • The strength and effect of Saturn in the natal chart.
  • The positioning of Saturn in the birth chart.
  • Planets’ positions in the tenth house.
  • Saturn transit is also checked and considered.
  • Any case of Antadasha and Mahadasha going on in the native’s life.

This year has been harsh on so many people around the world, professionally. Of course, there are personal issues as there is a scare of the pandemic. However, this fear is mostly coming from career aspects, as many employers are laying off their employees. Almost 5 million salaried jobs were lost in July alone. The employers are not to be blamed here; they are bearing the brunt of COVID-19. At last, I hope you have come to know about, how astrology affects your career and its timing?

Do not worry, consult expert astrologers; even in these troubled times, you can find your way to a bright career.

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