Do you have government Job in Kundali?

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Government Job it Kundali

Career is very important in everybody’s life. It is not only a milestone but also the foundation of the new life that you wish to lead. Also, other aspects of life like marriage, kids, and finance depend on your career and what career path you choose to be in. Of course, nobody wants a low-paying job with no security.

Although there are good jobs in the private sector, there is a lot of strain, stress, and biased behaviour on the basis of which you are judged. Also, choosing a career path for yourself is not easy. Sometimes, it is for the best that we are aware of which career is the best for us so that we do not waste our precious time. Vedic astrology, in this case, comes as a life-saving grace as it informs you about your options and your choices in life. The most commonly asked query or question to an astrologer is- Will I get government job

Government jobs are one of the most prestigious career paths in any given country. Offer letters from the government organization seem like an end to all problems in any family. There are a lot of perks and benefits involved when one is working in the government sector.


12 houses of Horoscope or Kundali

Benefits of Government Jobs 

  • There is stability for life in the government sector. Your health and medical bills are covered and secured.
  • There is a lot less stress, consistent paycheques, job security, manageable work schedule.
  • It holds prestige and supreme power.
  • There are paid leaves and vacations.
  • There is always scope for growth.
  • High-valued jobs and opportunities.

There are so many perks involved in government jobs and the best part is that you have security for life. This is why people get attracted to government jobs because they get to serve the public sectors of the country and also remain paid for life. However, there are a number of challenges when it comes to getting and securing a government job. There are many entrance exams that you need to clear. Also, there are thousands of candidates for one single position so the competition is very challenging these days.

Therefore, it is also a matter of chance and luck when it comes to government jobs because there is no point in wasting your time and energy on something you are not destined to be.

In this case, kundali for government job is highly recommended. So, before you start thinking whether I will get government job? Is there a government job yog in my kundli free? You must ask an expert astrologer to check your horoscope to get government job.

Government job yoga in kundali horoscope

Vedic Astrology & Government Jobs


Vedic Astrology has solutions for all kinds of problems and queries of life. The most challenging things in life can be resolved with the help of expert astrologers and same is the case with kundali for government job. So how to check govt job in kundali? The major aspects of life can be predicted by analysing your birth chart. Your birth chart is divided into twelve houses according to the twelve zodiac signs. To check government job in kundaliyou need to know the significance of these houses and various planets signifying success for white-collared government jobs. Take a look at the success-defining houses and planets.

Important Houses  

  • First House

It tells a lot about your personality and how you perceive yourself. It denotes your character and your ambitions. If you wish to see yourself in a top position at a white-collared administrative job, your first house can determine a lot about it. Dominant planets in the first house can denote a government job. This is one of the first signs to affirm govt job in kundali. Check government job in my kundali online now.

  • Second House

This house denotes all about your wealth and your gains. It also tells a lot about your property, inheritance, assets, your financial positions and prospects. This way you can assess chances of acquiring a government job through the second house. Call our expert astrologer now! 

  • Sixth House

This house exclusively denotes your career goals, services, and jobs. It outlines your career path as well. Chances of govt job in kundali free prediction can be made through the sixth house as well by analysing whether you aspire high professional ambitions.

  • Ninth House

This house denotes fortune, luck, and abundance. The stronger the house, the better the chances of securing a top government job. A friendly planet in the ninth house or especially Sun in the ninth house is an auspicious sign denoting a high position, white-collared government job. Confirm by contacting an expert now!

  • Tenth House

This house projects your profession, career graph, promotions, and challenges. The better the strength of this house the stronger and easier would be the professional life. Saturn in the tenth house can increase the chances of a government job but with a lot of hard work and dedication. Placement of Rahu in the tenth house is a sure shot signal of a government job.

Important Planets

  • Sun
    It represents power, high spirit, ambitions, authority, and high position in the government sector. The stronger the sun’s position in the birth chart, the higher would be your energy, and spirit in life. It is a significant planet to affirm high position government job in kundali. It indicates a strong career in public and govt sector jobs. Sun placed in the second, third, fourth, sixth, eighth, ninth, and twelfth house along with favourable planets secures government jobs.
  • Mars
    It denotes passion and determination. It affirms a high position in defence, police, and medical stream. Its position in the first house, third house and sixth house affirm government job in the native’s life.
  • Venus
    This planet is known for innovation and creativity. It projects success in designing, literature, arts, and music.
  • Jupiter
    This planet projects success, good luck, intelligence, and affirms jobs in the public sector.
  • Saturn
    It is a planet of discipline and justice, it secures government jobs in the sectors of mining, service, labour, and coal.
  • Mercury
    It denotes communication and media. It secures a career in the fields of Insurance, Accounts, Railway, Journalism, and Media. Mercury placed in the sixth house guarantees a government job.

Let’s answer some FAQs  

  1. Who will create the report?
    All birth charts are personally analysed and assessed by our expert astrologer. We do not support or practice auto-generated solutions. Also, we do not give generic answers. The report will be subject to the planetary positions and combinations in your birth chart.
  2. Do you give remedial solutions?

    A report without remedies and measure is deemed incomplete. Our expert astrologer does not predict any situation without giving you solutions for the condition. We believe in solutions that are practical and easy for our clients.

  3. How and When will I receive the report?
    You will receive your personalized report via email within 24 hours. This applies to small reports. Reports that require research and deeper analysation will take more time, depending on your issue.
  4. What are your privacy policies?

    All your personal information is kept confidential and you should not worry about your private information being leaked or used.

Are you eager to get a government job for yourself? Don’t waste your time in thinking and dreams. Contact our expert astrologer now to get the best guidance for government job astrology.

In general it is seen that the planetary positions of people in Government jobs are quite similar to above. All the conditions as here are visible.
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