Government Departments by Planets

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Departments of Planets

Departments of Planets

Everyone wants to know from the astrologer if there is government job in my luck as per my horoscope. If yes then in which government department I will get the job.

Well, the government jobs are available in every department. If horoscope is studied in depth then it will definitely tell you that in which department you may get the job. The horoscope clearly indicates that whether you will get the government job or not and it will indicate towards the prospective department also.

Now I come to a practical point of view. Suppose we come to know through astrology about the prospective job and department. Then we will prepare ourselves accordingly and in this way, we can make a meaningful use of astrology.

As per the Indian Astrology, each planet represents any government department. Let us try to find out which planet represents which government department.


Govt. Departments of Sun

First of all, we start with the planet “Sun”. Sun is considered as the king of the planet it governs the administrative head of all the department. Sun is related to the Revenue department also. Sun represents all the departments which issue instructions to other departments and this includes from the Prime Minister’s Office, Indian Administrative Service.

Govt. Departments of Moon

According to the astrology, the Moon governs those departments where there are new changes every day because Moon is a quick planet. Travelling is considered from the moon. Apart from this, the Ministry / Department related to all types of liquids such as fresh water, milk, liquor production, fishing, shipping, grain and women related departments are considered from the Moon.

Govt. Departments of Mars

Mars is related to Defense, it is considered as the planet of war. So the Department of Defense, Police, Army, Fire Brigade, Engineer, Surgery, Builder, Mechanic and Sports related Ministries / Departments come under the working area of Mars.

Govt. Departments of Mercury

Mercury represents trade, commerce, marketing and account etc. Therefore, all these departments come under the jurisdiction of Mercury. Bank and tender related works are also under the realm of Mercury. In addition, the Department of Telecommunication, Transport is the working area of Mercury. The ministry / departments related to writing, publishing, literature etc. also come into the operating area of Mercury. Apart from this, the schools, post offices, parks, forests, airports, cinema halls, media houses etc. are also covered under Mercury. The stock market and the finance ministry all come under the Mercury but other planets also belong to those departments also.

Govt. Departments of Jupiter

The Jupiter controls the Department of Education, Judiciary etc. Public Prosecutor, Judge, Magistrate, Courts all come under the realm of Jupiter. Financial Advisor, Banker, Politics, Bureaucracy, Lawyer, Medicine, Priest, Judge, Principal, and astrologer etc. are controlled by Jupiter. Banks, colleges and universities etc. also come under the jurisdiction of Jupiter.

Govt. Departments of Venus

All the work that is full of dazzle and luxury is run by Venus. Venus governs the ministries and departments related to Designing, Fashion designing, Architecture, Interior decoration, Modeling, Advertising and Fashion etc. Amusement Park, Theater, Cinema, Restaurant and Art Gallery are considered to be related to Venus. Urban development, Forests, Environment, and cleanliness related departments also come in the working area of Venus. The Department of Arts and Culture comes under Venus. Apart from this, all those parts of the university, which involve art, dance, drama, and drawing, come under Venus.

Govt. Departments of Saturn

Saturn represents iron, coal, timber, and steel-related Ministries and departments. In addition, prisons, Slums, sewer, cremation ground, labor ministry, agriculture department, railways department, roadways etc all come under Saturn.

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