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Vedic horoscope prediction

Vedic Astrology is known to be a great way to know your past, present, and future events of life. It is a branch of knowledge that helps a person to lead quality of life. We all face problems in our life, and the difference is the nature of the problem.

Vedic astrology lets you identify your behavioral traits that may cause problems in your daily life or life ahead. It helps you to know your pending karmas, the reason for existence, etc. that you have wanted to learn for a long time. We have seen various astrologers talking about different types of rajyogs existence in a horoscope, whereas nobody tells how we can activate them in our daily life. An astrologer who has good experience, highly knowledgeable will guide you in such a way that you will feel the change in life. This rajyogs can be activated by natural remedies or by making small changes in your daily routine.

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I, Ashok Prajapati, being an astrologer, always try to give those predictions to my clients that are necessary for them during that course of time. These predictions may vary from person to person like marriage delay, success-failure in exams, new job, financial challenges, health problems, etc. For elders whose children are settled in life, I provide predictions on health and economic front, but few people have different requirements like asking for a full life prediction. I would like to share one thing with all of you that even one year is less to read the entire horoscope of a person, and it involves a lot of time and energy for me to study to make predictions deeply. Spending so much time to read one horoscope is not a wise decision. Therefore, I prefer not to take full reading horoscope assignments.

I do not want those people to feel sad who want a complete analysis of their horoscope with all yogas, good-bad results, predictions about their future based upon dashas. Preparing a horoscope with predictions up to 120 years is possible these days. This report is available in two formats – softcopy and hard copy. It contains a complete analysis of the planets from Lagna, Navmansh, Ashtak Varga, and Vimshottri dasha. If you want to consult any astrologer, you can easily take this report to him/her. Using this report, any person who is very good with astrology and has experience can make predictions about your life. Along with this, in this report, you will get to know the placement of various planets like Sun, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Moon, Rahu, Jupiter, Ketu, along with their results in those respective houses. Vimshottri Dasha and Antar Dasha predictions for the next five years will also be included in this report. Your present year predictions will also be a part of this report that will help you know your future to a certain extent. After going through this report, I am sure you will not want to read anything else. As per Vedic Astrology, this complete report is available at a price of INR 999 that will be shared with you online. If you are looking for a printed hard copy then it can be purchased for INR 1100.


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