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Find Career by Online Astrology

Impact of Mars & Saturn in Career – Online Astrology

Recently a friend of mine from Bengaluru who is a doctor by profession asked me a question that according to astrology, I had to become a doctor as per my horoscope, can I do anything else, I calculated by looking at his horoscope, If Mars and Saturn are in the tenth place together then they give good results in sports too. Mars and Saturn were sitting in the tenth place of his horoscope, so I said that you should try in the field of sports.

I advised him to try his luck in sports. Shortly thereafter, he got a chance to serve for a player who was playing internationally. It is no coincidence that I advised him to go to sports and his fortune shone. Rather his fortune was written to go into the sports industry. If I would not have made this prediction, someone else would have made the prediction, eventually, he had to go into the field of sports, and it was destiny. This can be understood only according to astrology.

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Exalted Venus in Career – Online Astrology

The next example is of a client of mine from Thiruvananthapuram who luckily got a chance to work in films while he was a state-level player. Not to mention the name of the film, I would like to mention here that I had predicted for him film line because of the exalted Venus in the tenth house of his horoscope. Which seems to be right now. Let us know the planet in your horoscope, which according to astrology can give you success in your career. I will try to tell you how I made the right prediction for these two people.

Not only the tenth house in your horoscope, but any strong planet in your horoscope determines that you will make extraordinary progress in the condition of that strong planet. If we find that powerful planet and work in business related to it, then we can feel the effect of that planet before coming to the major period or sub-period. In a way, it should be called activating that planet. Suppose a planet is very strong in your horoscope, then you will have a lot of interest in things related to it. Now we will try to prove this theory in a sequential manner.


If the Sun is a strong planet in your horoscope, you will feel uncomfortable working under someone. You will do your own business. But if the Sun’s major period or sub-period does not come at the beginning of your career, then you may have to struggle to get the job. At the right time, by the grace of the planet Sun, you will get some work in which you will progress a lot.


If the Moon is a strong planet in a horoscope, then you should do such a job in which you can’t sit in one place, don’t do physical work but travel a lot so you should try your luck in the profession like travel agency, marketing, entertainment, film industry, sports, art Related works, social media, stenos etc. One main requirement & one common thing of all these professions is that you will have to travel a lot.


If Mars is strong in your horoscope, then works of authority will suit you more. Brokerage or commission agent, real estate, property purchase, information exchange such as commission agent, marriage bureau, police department, filling of a government tender, recruitment in army etc come in this realm.

If Mercury is a strong planet in the horoscope, it will keep you at the forefront of banking and calculus work. Therefore you should do work related to calculus, CA, accountant, scribe, librarian, trade-in retail items, general store, work related to grain, work related to gold, silver etc.

The Tenth House of the Horoscope

The tenth house of the horoscope is also called the Karma house. We consider from this house what a man will do for his livelihood. The position of the Sun and Mars in this place is considered the best. If the Sun or Mars is seated in this place, the native does a government job and is placed in a high position.

  1. Sun is called the king of the planets when Sun sits in the tenth house of the horoscope the native gets the higher post with authority in a government department.
  2. Mars occupies the position of commander in the planets. When Mars sits in the tenth house of the horoscope the native gets a job with authority.
  3. Rahu in the tenth house of the horoscope takes the person into politics.
  4. Being Ketu in the tenth house of the horoscope, the native either run his own business or receives money from abroad.
  5. In the tenth house of the horoscope when the moon sits, the native gets a job in which he does not stay for a long time at one place.
  6. Due to Mercury in the tenth house of the horoscope, the native works in the field of account, bank, writing, and printing.
  7. Being Saturn in the tenth house of the horoscope, the native works in the field of technical work, labour, mining etc.
  8. Due to Venus in the tenth house of the horoscope, the native works in the fields of fashion, art entertainment etc.
  9. If the auspicious Jupiter sits in the tenth house of the horoscope, then the native works as priest, preacher, religious preacher, finance, consultancy, service provider, lawyer, judge, professor, teacher etc.

This topic is very vast; it is not possible to give complete information about this topic in one or two pages. Apart from planets, zodiac signs are also very important. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know about your career. We will make you a detailed report regarding your career.


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