Find the right Gemstone for you according to the Vedic Astrology

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Gemstone in vedic astrology

Gemstones & Vedic Astrology

In the twenty-first century, Conflicts, struggles, and stress are prevalent things. To overcome all the problems we face, we wish we could have some magical power that can help us to heal. Astrologically, we have Gemstones, which at times, allow us to overcome problems. Gemstones are common these days and have become an essential part of life. We have seen many people rich or poor, successful, or struggling for success wearing it. Some people wear it to overcome problems whereas some people wear it to sustain success. Few of them wear it to make their life peaceful, and some wear it to prosper.

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There are different kinds of gemstones like Ruby, Pearl, Blue Sapphire, Emerald, and others that are available in the market. We need to understand that Gemstone should be worn only after proper consultation with an experienced astrologer and not as a fashion statement. Every Gemstone represents a specific planet, and its results can be both benefic or malefic based upon the situation of the planets present in your horoscope. Let us take an example: A person wears Ruby if Sun is Weak in a horoscope, whereas he will wear Pearl if Moon is weak.

Government Departments by Planets

Emerald should be worn by a person who has benefic Mercury in the horoscope that strengthens the effect of Mercury like better communication skills, enhanced speech, and writing skills. Since Mars is associated with war, many people consider it to be a non-benefic planet in Vedic astrology. If an astrologer recommends wearing Red Coral, it is to give a boost to your motivation, increase vitality, strength, and courage.

There is a saying that “diamond is a girl’s best friend,” but that does not mean it is not favorable for men.  I would say it is beneficial for people who want to get beneficial effects of the planet Venus. The positive results of wearing a diamond are healthier relationships, more luxury, and personal refinement.

Both men and women can wear a diamond based upon their planetary combinations.

Cat’s eye represents the positioning of the planet “Ketu.” The fact remains that finding the right Gemstone for you is a difficult task as it may reciprocate the results if chosen the wrong one. It seems easy to understand which Gemstone to wear if you know which planet is weak and how it will benefit you. The cosmic energies radiated by these planets make a great impact on the person. Finding the right Gemstone in Vedic astrology is not a piece of cake. One wrong decision and it can affect the situation of a person adversely since they work by absorbing the damaging rays.

An essential factor in astrology is that even though we wear the right Gemstone yet, it might not give us the desired results. It happens because we tend to ignore, i.e., our neighboring planets and the house in which they are present. It is necessary to choose the right Gemstone in Vedic astrology to overcome struggles and to prosper in your life.

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