In this festive season, the Ashok Prajapati team wishes you all the best and it is our prayer that there should be peace and happiness in your family. We pray to God that those who are trying for the job, get the job soon. Those who are trying for a life partner should get their life partner.

May those who are sick get well soon and those who are waiting for the arrival of a little guest in the family may get good news soon. If you want any kind of help in this festive season, then for the convenience of all of you, we have made our services affordable.

If you apply for any type of service then you will get a discount of Rs 200 for the service of more than 1000 Rs.

This offer is available till 10th November only. For more information please contact on +91-8929187187

Career Prediction 999   

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Child Prediction 900  

Abroad Prediction 1300        

Life Prediction 2300

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