Event by Ashok Prajapati in Ambala City

People who want to meet me face to face, I welcome for those at a specific time.  The local clients who cannot avail the paid service can attend this event which generally we organise on Saturday’s. This is free of cost horoscope reading service for ambala & nearby places. This gives me to maintain relationship with the local people. Whether you are known or unknown to me, you are welcome.

Thanks for all those who want to meet me at Ambala Office. I would request everyone please book your slot timely unless you will have to wait for the next event.

What about this event?

In this event I will analyze horoscope all of you & I will answer your questions. Please be specific & share your detail in the form so when I open your horoscope in the event I would have everything ready.

Those who want to learn astrology & who are fresher in the field of astrology can clear your doubts.

Event time & duration

Saturday 27, January 2022.
Time: 09:00 – 14:00 

Place: 2076-3649, Rai Chowk,
Near Police Post No. 3,
Ambala City,