Effect of Saturn Transit 2020 on Career of All Zodiac Signs

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Effect of Saturn Transit 2020 on Career of All Zodiac

Saturn is a big planet. Its movements have a great impact on our lives. Though it is a big and very slow planet, it is called slow because it stays on one zodiac for about two and a half years. Due to staying in the same zodiac for such a long period, its effects are far-reaching. Saturn will enter Capricorn on January 24, 2020. Before giving the information on the effect of Saturn on the career of people of all zodiac signs in 2020, some more important information is as follows: –

  • The Saadhe Saati of the Scorpio zodiac will end. 
  • The Saadhe Saati on Aquarius zodiac will begin.
  • At present, 3 zodiac signs Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius are under the influence of Saadhe Saati of Saturn. 
  • Saturn dhaiya will start on Gemini and Libra zodiac signs.

Transit of Saturn, Jupiter and Rahu from one zodiac to other

In addition to Saturn, Jupiter and Rahu are also changing the zodiac in the year 2020. Jupiter will enter Capricorn from Sagittarius on 30 March and Rahu will enter Taurus from Gemini on 19 September. Both these planets also stay in a zodiac for the tenure of more than 1 year. Due to staying in one zodiac for such a long period, these planets have a great impact on all people. Therefore, we should keep in mind that in addition to Saturn, Jupiter and Rahu are also going to influence us.

In the year 2020, Saturn will have an impact on the career of people of all zodiac signs as follows: –

Aries – People of Aries who are doing the job, they will feel that the pace of progress in the job is very slow. They are working very hard but they are not getting the reward for their hard work. This year will be fine for those people of Aries who are in business, but they will get good benefits only after Rahu’s zodiac change in September.

Taurus – People of Taurus also will not be very happy with their jobs. They will feel that the workload has increased. The people of Taurus who are in business will not have much satisfied with their work for the first six months of the year but they will feel completely changed after Rahu’s zodiac change in September.

Gemini – People of Gemini are informed that your time is going badly. At this time, your performance in the job is also not good. But those who are in business need not panic, time is favourable for them. However, after Rahu’s zodiac change in September, their expenses will increase completely and they may have to bear the loss in their business.

Cancer – Cancer people are advised to keep patience. Their progress in the job will be slow. However, the hard work they will do it this time will give good result to the next year. People who are in the business of Cancer zodiac will feel that the up and down position in the business is to continue. There is neither loss nor gain. The people of Cancer, who are in partnership with someone, are advised to cooperate with their partners and have complete honesty in the work.

Leo – For the people of Leo who are in a job, this is the time to celebrate. Their time in the job is going well. They will get increments, promotions and transfer to the desired location. The people of Leo zodiac sign who are in business will also get good profit in business this year.

Virgo – People of Virgo zodiac, who are in a job, should not expect any kind of miracle. The year 2020 will be normal for them. This year will not be good for those who are in the business of Virgo. They will be disappointed this year.

Libra – The people of Libra who in the job, will remain dissatisfied with their jobs. Despite working hard, they will not get the results. This year you will not get increments and promotions. However, this year will be good for those people of Libra zodiac who are in business. There is a possibility of sudden money gain for them this year.

Scorpio – People of Scorpio zodiac sign will be happier. Apart from increments and promotions, they are also going to get a reward this year. However, they should not be surprised because this is the result of their previous deeds. They will get the result of their deeds done last year. For those who are in business, the year will also be good, but after September, they may get a loss in business.

Sagittarius – Time will not be good for the people of Sagittarius. Their financial condition will not be good. They are advised not to take any kind of risk in their jobs. However, the year is good for business people. But, after September, the workload will increase completely and the possibility of loss is also visible.

Capricorn – The people of Capricorn who are in a job, they will see the increase in their work. But do not panic, but think that it is time to work hard. If you are not getting fruit right now, it is fine. Think of it as an investment for your future. Those who are in business will feel that the expenditure has increased a lot this year.

Aquarius – Bad times have started for the people of Aquarius. Their financial condition will be bad. They are warned not to think about changing jobs at all. They do not even have to think about the transfer. People who are in business are advised to avoid taking any kind of risk.

Pisces – Time is good for the people of Pisces. There will be progress in the job. However, tension will also increase. You will get benefit only if you take responsibility for work. If you did some good work earlier, then you will get the benefit of the same this year. If you are, doing business then let me tell you that nothing is going to change in your work. It will continue as it was before.

Conclusion – If you are facing any kind of difficulty in your job or business then don’t hesitate to contact us. 


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