Debilitated Mars Predictions

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Throughout the world, there is a discussion that there will be an atmosphere of turmoil as the planet Mars will transit in the zodiac sign of Cancer. I think most of you would know that Mars is considered debilitated in the Cancer sign. According to the astrology, the debilitated planets don’t give good results.

Therefore, every person is eager to know how this planetary situation will affect me. Looking to the above assumption of the common man. I will highlight this topic in the present article. For the next one-and-a-half month, Mars will influence the twelve signs and may give the following results.

Aries & Mars in 4th House Debilitated

As long as, Mars will transit in the Cancer sign, the people of Aries are advised to be cautiousespecially in the activities related to land, property, vehicles, property etc. There may some fraction between the husband-wife relations. In addition, there is a possibility of injury to them and also loss in the business.

Mars in 3rd House of Taurus Sign

People of Taurus need to be cautious because they may have problems, difficulties in the job. There is a need to keep control over themselves, otherwise, their friends may turn into enemies.

Debilitated Mars in 2nd House of Gemini

I advise the people of Gemini to maintain peace in the house. But despite the effort, this will not happen, the environment of the house will remain disturbed. There are chances that you may lose your savings.  Be careful because a member of the family is likely to get sick and you may have to spend a lot of money on his illness.

How is Mars in Ascendant for Cancer

The workload is going to be increased on the people of Cancer sign during this period. On the health front, you may have problems stars are indicating towards the stomach disorders. Special caution is required while driving, as either vehicle may damage or you through the vehicle is likely to be suffered. If you do a job, be careful in the job place, lest you lose a good job.

Debilitated Mars effect in 12th house of Leo

Leo people are advised to avoid travelling as far as it is not necessary. Always be careful because your foot is likely to get hurt. Your health will not be well, sometimes you may have the problem of insomnia and on the other occasion, you will feel full of stress. You are advised to be careful about your daily behaviour because there is a possibility of arising a dispute with sibling or relatives.

Virgo Sign & Effect of Mars in 11th House

I advise the people of Virgo that they should their time carefully because the planetary position is indicating that you may lose money, your wealth may be lost. So be careful. Apart from this, keep your behaviour under control, otherwise, there are chances of turmoil in your family.

How is debilitated Mars in 10th House for Libra

My advice to the people of Libra is that they should be calm as they do not seem to get rid of problems right now. They will face trouble at their workplace and also suffer in their job. Their troubles and workload will increase significantly. They will have to work a lot and will succeed only after hard work.

9th House Mars for Scorpio

It is my humble request to the people of Scorpio that they should control their behaviour, their speech and overall on themselves, otherwise something wrong may be done, be careful. To say here “the wrong” means that you may take a wrong decision, due to which you will regret later but you will not be able to do anything other than repenting.

Debilitated Mars of 8th House for Sagittarius

The people of Sagittarius are advised to control their tongue. More explicitly, they should take care of food and drink. While travelling & working, be careful because according to planets you are likely to get some injuries. Apart from all these, you may get any unpleasant or bad news.

Capricorn & Mars in 7th house (Debilitated)

The people of Capricorn, be careful & alert. It seems differences of opinion may arise with the spouse. They are advised to take special care of spouse because life partner may have health problems. Also, be careful in day to day life as there are chances of money loss. If you do a job then you will have problems there and those who do business may have to bear the loss in their business. 

Aquarius Sign & Mars effect in 6th House

People of Aquarius will remain worried without any issues. They will have tension without any reason. But the good thing is that you will overcome your enemies during this period. You are advised to control yourself, otherwise, something may happen which may leads to loss of religion.

5th House Debilitated Mars effect on Pisces

People of Pisces will not be happy during this period. There will be health-related problems, stomach disorders may occur. They may have the problem of insomnia. For all these reasons, you will find yourself in a state of confusion. You will not be able to make the right decision even after a lot of thinking in each task. Concerns of children will continue to haunt you. Unpleasant news or bad news may come.


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