Common Mistakes During Horoscope Matching

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Astrology is the way of life for ages. It is the perfect way to know about your soul, persona, fate, and future. According to Vedic astrology, your destiny is already written when you were born. That being said, it also believes the significance of Karma and how destiny will not change but keeping your Karmas right would bring you the best results in life. One should avoid Common Mistakes During Horoscope Matching.

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Astrology covers all aspects of life. It governs many streams of life, such as- career, relationships, education, love, health, family, luck, spiritual growth, etc. Either way, it has a strong grip over people in a positive way. There are a lot of times when astrology has saved millions of people from making the wrong choices in life. Vedic astrology also has a strong influence on the rights and wrongs of life. It has a solution and remedy for every possible problem in the world.

Some people still raise questions about the authenticity of astrology. In this case, astrology is not to be blamed. It is not the science that is wrong, it is the people who are deemed as masters or experts, but the reality is entirely different. One should never take astrology in their hands if they are not well-experienced.

Still, there are a lot of mistakes that occur, unknowingly or knowingly, that needs to be avoided. Let’s take a look at them.

Common mistakes during Horoscope matching which Interrupt during the reading

Astrology, Kundli reading, horoscope matching, etc. requires a lot of concentration. In the end, it is all based on calculations, and therefore, it needs to be done without any hindrances. Make sure there is no one except the native with you during the analyzation, sometimes their relatives have lots of questions to ask, and they won’t keep quiet. You must be left alone at all times. A lot of times, in between the reading, you get phone calls which you attend, this leaves the process in the middle, leading to incorrect reading and matching.


When it comes to Vedic Astrology, there are people relying on you with their life. They are waiting for a callback and prompt replies. Of course, two days are standard protocol, but one should not let their customers and clients wait for long. This gives the astrologer and astrology a bad name. You must always think of your reputation when you plan on neglecting the requests.  This behavior would lead only to lead to miffed clients. People come with their queries, and for them, it is a matter of life and death. You must not ignore their problems as this could lead to anxiety and stress. In case there is an emergency, and you wish to cancel or postpone a reading, give them an update.

Unpleasant environment

There are a lot of times that the natives bring their family members along. This is all the more jarring and noisier. If every customer would bring their family member, the waiting room would be full of people, and it is going to interrupt your reading. Along with that, if you have your office located in the middle of the market or a noisy place, it is going to be disturbing for the client leading to negative feedback.

Less awareness

Nothing else would be more embarrassing than not knowing the answer of a client. If you are not enlightened enough on this field, then it would have a huge impact on the reading and matchmaking of the native. So it is really important to avoid Common Mistakes During Horoscope Matching.

Mistakes happen everywhere, and it is natural and bound to happen sometimes. However, mistakes under Vedic Astrology can adversely affect many lives at once, as sometimes you could go wrong during horoscope matching as well.


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