Childbirth Predictions in Horoscope: How it Works

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Childbirth Predictions in Horoscope

Having kids becomes a top priority for many people after marriage.

Childbirth Predictions:

Call it pressure from their elders or their desire to enjoy parenthood, childbirth is always a special moment that goes beyond description. In fact, marriage is considered to be complete after a child is born to the couple. Get childbirth predictions in just minutes!

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A baby makes life meaningful for a couple. Every couple longs for a healthy baby who could carry their legacy and would be a symbol of their love.

But not all couples are able to have children despite their normal medical reports. Top of that, many prospective parents are haunted by miscarriages and other issues in childbirth. While medical assistance is important, they can opt for astrology to increase their chances of childbirth as well as safe delivery.

They should get their Kundli or birth horoscope checked by a good astrologer.

A clear consultation with the right astrologer lets them know about the child yog in their kundali as well as the problems and issues during the childbirth. Good thing is that an astrologer can suggest solutions to remove the hurdles so that couples can conceive and have a healthy baby.

How Astrology Works in Childbirth Prediction

Generally, the horoscope of a husband is examined for the possibility of a child and later, the wife’s horoscope is analyzed. In both horoscopes, all planets are analyzed for their outcomes based on factors such as:

  • The Placement of the Houses
  • The Lords of the Houses
  • The Effects on the Planets
  • The Link of Planets with Other Planets
  • The Nakshatras and Many More 

What are the Indicators of Childbirth in Your Horoscope

The 5th House:

An astrologer is likely to check the 5th house in your horoscope.

The 5th house shows the prospects of having kids in your life.

This house should be occupied by the good planets such as Jupiter, Venus and Moon. If the house is affected by the malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu, Mars or Sun, this might not be a good sign for childbirth.

Therefore, the 5th house should be positive and strong. It shouldn’t be affected by the unfavourable influence of other planets.

Apart from 5th house, some other houses can determine the pleasure of parenting in your life. For example, the 9th house in your horoscope is important for getting pregnant or childbirth. The 7th house stands for sexual activities and desires. The 8th House determines the health and capacity of reproductive organs. If it is occupied by planets like Rahu, Ketu, Mercury and Saturn, it might cause impotency in the native of that horoscope.

The Role of Jupiter:

Jupiter is the ruler of the zodiac signs like Sagittarius and Pisces. It is also a key indicator of kids in your horoscope. If Jupiter is weak in the horoscope and occupies the ill houses like 6th, 8th and 12th or links with malefic planets like Ketu, Saturn or Rahu, it might hurt the possibilities of childbirth.

The Placement of Moon:

If the 5th house is occupied by the Moon along with the positive effects of other planets, you might have many kids. But the house should not be affected by Rahu, Saturn or Ketu as it might create a hurdle to childbirth.

 Zodiac Signs:

Zodiac signs like Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer are considered ideal for childbirth. But Virgo, Aries and Leo are not that fruitful. The remaining signs often produce mixed results. If your fifth house is occupied or affected by a barren sign, your prospects of having a kid are not bright.



If the planet Mars is in operation at the Dasha or Antardasha level or the cusp of the 5th house in Transit state, the childbirth is more likely to happen through surgery.


When Moon is in the 10th house, Jupiter is in the 7th House and the 5th lord is inefficient, the risk of miscarriage is high. Sometimes, the effects of Saturn, Rahu or Ketu on 1st, 4th and 10th houses during pregnancy in female horoscope can also lead to miscarriage.


The risk of accidents is quite high in pregnancy if the 5th house is ruled by malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu, Mars and Saturn.


When the Saturn takes charges at the time of delivery in a female horoscope, there is a risk of stillbirth.

Astrological Solutions for Childbirth Complications

In astrology, the complications deterring the chances of childbearing are due to the negative movements of the planets in one’s horoscope.

Luckily, an efficient astrologer can suggest your solutions to make them work in your favour. For example, you can be recommended good and qualitative gems stone which attracts luck and help the couple to have a kid as per child yoga in their Kundli. Puja can also be suggested for removing any obstacles in life. Sometimes daan or charity can improve their chances of having healthy childbirth. A yantra can be placed in your house followed by worship as per the predictions for the child.


So you must have understood how planets in your horoscope determine your childbearing and parental life. A good and sound astrologer can help you overcome all faults in your horoscope to have a healthy kid.

However, it is important for you to get in touch with your doctor and follow their guidelines. Astrology only helps improve the chances of having successful childbirth by removing the hurdles created by bad planets. In short, you need to work with both a doctor and the right astrologer.

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