Career Prediction to get Government Job in 2020

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Prediction to get government job in 2020

The year 2019 is almost on the verge of end. Everyone is eagerly waiting for the year 2020. Everyone thinks that his or her wishes may fulfil in the coming year. We should not give up hope because hope is the life and it is the hope, which keeps us alive, if hope is ended, we will not like to live any more.  

The year 2019 has given the mix experience. The people, who were working hard to achieve their goal in the 2019 but could not succeed, should not give up hope. Through the present article, I am going to tell you that on the Carrier front what you are going to get or face in the year 2020. 

 Those who are preparing for a competitive exam to get the government job should check their horoscope. The following planetary position is favorable for civil services like IAS and other government job. 

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Planetary position and Horoscope for Government Job 

Sun– The planet sun is considered king of the planet. If it is favourable in the horoscope, it gives power, recognition, respect, fame. Its strong position enable you to get the government job. The planet Sun enable you to give orders to others. It makes your personality powerful that the people follow your order.  

Saturn – Saturn is significator of career and job in the horoscope. Its favourable position is important for getting any kind of job. 

Mars – Mars is the warrior, it gives the power to struggle. If you want a job in the military, Police or any defence services then its position is very important. If it is favourable, you will get the government job. 

Tenth house of the Horoscope – The tenth house of the horoscope represents our karma, our profession, our career. Its direct relation with the planet Sun, Mars, Saturn is essential. If it is not there then it will be very difficult to think about the government job. Kindly note, every horoscope is different and final decision can be taken only after checking the horoscope.   

In the year 2020 the chances of getting a job for all zodiac sign may as follows 

  1. Aries –  For the people of Aries the year 2020 is not good as far as career is concerned. The month of May & June are very good but in the month of November & December, you will feel exhausted. One good thing is that you will able to keep your courage and you will not feel defeated throughout the year. The position of Saturn in the tenth house for career is not favourable. 
  2. Taurus –   The planetary position in the year 2020 is indicating that you may hear good news on career front in the month of October. It is quite possible that if the result of any competitive exam is due in the month of October, then you will definitely get selected. In the month of August, you may feel alone yourself but I advise you to be courageous and don’t lose hope. 
  3. Gemini – The planetary position is indicating that the year 2020 is not for the career. A bleak of hope is seen in the month of August & September. I think there is the need of more hard work. The position of Saturn is not favourable. 
  4. Cancer – In the year there is no chance of getting a government job. You have to wait for another one year. You should take it positively and utilize this time to prepare yourself. I will advise you to work hard and keep patience.  
  5. Leo – As per the planets position for the Leo sign in the year 2020 the month of March & April are good. You may hear some good news on the Career front in these months. If you don’t get any news or positive sign then you will have to wait for another one year. But one thing is favourable for you that you will have a very good time and you will enjoy the most in the year 2020. 
  6. Virgo – The month of June and to some extent July month is good on the career front. The remaining year is not very much good for the career. The planetary position is not good for you in the year 2020 as far as career is concerned. But don’t lose hope, good time always come after the negative phase is over. 
  7. Libra – According to the planetary position, the month of May in the year 2020 is very good for the Career point of view. January, April, July, August & December months are comparatively good. You may hear good news about the new job but this job shall not be as per your expectations. But I will suggest you to accept the same and work hard for the good one.  
  8. Scorpio – The year 2020 is very good on the career front. The month of September is going to be remarkable for you. Stars are indicating that you will get the job and if you are already in job then you are going to get the promotion or increment also. You need not worry about anything just enjoy because time is yours. 
  9. Sagittarius – In the year 2020, you are not going to face any difficulty on the career front. If you are in search of job then you may get the private job but as far as government job is concerned, you will have to wait for some time. You are advised to work hard and concentrate yourself, prepare more. Next year there are chances of success in the government job.  
  10. Capricorn – As the phase of seven & half years of Saturn is going on, you will have to work hard. During this period, the person gets the success definitely but after hard work. If you don’t work hard then don’t expect any kind of success whether it is a government job or private job. No one can stop you get the success if you have worked hard. 
  11. Aquarius – The year 2020 is average for you. There are chances of getting the government job but after much hard work only. There may circumstances arises when you may deviate from your goal. I will suggest you to concentrate towards your study only. 
  12. Pisces – The year 2020 is yours. The right and good has come for you. In the mid of the year you may hear the good news about the job. Once again I will say that you may get the government job this year. 

Conclusion – We prepare the annual report manually. If you are interested then don’t hesitate to contact me. 


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