Career Prediction by Date of Birth

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Career Prediction by date of birth

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The life of a person begins with a career; it is a career that creates or disrupts a person’s personality, the whole life of your child depends on what job or occupation he chooses as his career.

Career Prediction for your children

Every parent has a concern about children’s career. I am telling what the going on in the minds of millions of Indian people who are serious about their child’s career but the irony is to determine what their child will do is the hardest thing.

As I am in the field of astrology so many parents come to me and say please give us career prediction as per the Vedic astrology Govt job prediction by date of birth or personal career as per the horoscope etc.

Right Subject is important

The parents are very optimistic and those dreams they had seen for themselves but couldn’t fulfill, they impart education to their children to fulfill those unfulfilled dreams. But most of the people don’t consider the inclination of their children, imposing a subject of their choice, which children born to a certain degree, but after that, the subject becomes a burden.

Let’s say your son is creative and if you want to make your son an engineer, then in that situation you are not taking his child’s ability to do his work, but are doing the opposite. Therefore, I would advise you to take the astrological service before selecting a child’s career. The astrologer will give you the career prediction as per the astrology, as per the Vedic astrology and you can request the astrologer to give the personal career horoscope. If you don’t have the time of birth then you can request the astrologer to give career guidance or career prediction as per the date of birth.

An Example of the wrong subject chosen

Ishaan who lives in Chandigarh, his father wanted to become an accounts officer like himself. His mother is a fashion designer. But on the contrary, Ishaan had the passion of watching Discovery Channel, thinking about science and technology, could not complete the studies of CA and left it in the middle. Afterward, he got a degree in computer application and presently doing a job in an IT company.

It is a matter of thinking that the important time of life is wasted. If he had to become a computer engineer, then studies could also be done accordingly, there was no shortage of rupees money at that time. Had his parents got the career astrology prediction, career prediction as per the horoscope timely then he might have saved precious time.

Planetary combinations for good Career

Astrology says that every child has a special thing, a special quality that determines what the child will do with that quality. This property can be of any one of the nine planets, of any one of the 12 zodiac signs, of any one of the 27 constellations. More than one constellation or planet can give your child a special direction as if the sun is the planet, then your son may become the Manager or Director but his education should be in conformity. Otherwise, at least he will run his own business.

If that planet is the moon, then your child can achieve success in any such work, where creativity is required such as drawing, painting or photography. Therefore always keep in mind why the career prediction as per astrology is essential.

Date of birth is important for accurate career prediction

Your child’s date of birth can give accurate career prediction because astrology works on the right information and it is extremely important to have precise birth time to write precise career predictions, and this work can be done by a qualified astrologer who has the experience of seeing thousands of horoscopes.

Choose your questions & request a quote for career prediction by date of birth & time. 

Planning for career predictions - Basic Infographic of 12 Houses & right path for career.

Most of the people who come to me ask the questions given below, who want the career prediction by date of birth.

  • When I will get the job?
  • Whether I will get a government job or not?
  • When I will get my promotion
  • When I will get an increment?
  • When will be the right time to change the occupation or career?
  • In which area I will be successful, in business or job?
  • Which work or occupation will be appropriate for me as per the planets in the horoscope?
  • In which occupation, work I will get the success as per the planets?
  • If I will travel abroad?
  • The journey of which country will be beneficial?
  • When my luck will shine or the fate shines as per the horoscope?
  • Is there any Rajyoga in my horoscope and when the Rajyoga will come into effect and when I will get the result?
  • What are the job fluctuations?
  • When will I get the money? When I will get the refund?
  • When the time will come when I will live a life of luxury?
  • When I will get the life of Luxury?
  • What are the measures to overcome obstacles in the workplace or in the job?
  • What are the measures to get rid of from enemies at the workplace?
  • How to remove the hindrance in the business?
  • When will I get stuck money?

Choose any 5 to 7 questions from the above list and send us through the form given below. Please fill the details of your date of birth also.

Career Prediction by date of birth
Career Prediction – Chance to Change Concept

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For career prediction, the consultation fee is INR 1100/-. In case you ask more than 7 questions then the fee will be charged at the rate of 200/- per question.

I will provide extra information as well apart from your questions. Your information will be kept secret; your report will be given through email within 7 days. Your career report will consist of career prediction only.

Thousands of people have taken the Career Prediction report from us. We prepare a maximum of 10 reports daily and you can well imagine how much time and effort we spend to make this report.

Thousands of peoples have given the right direction to their careers with our career prediction report. Daily we receive hundreds of emails, some people even ask for free.  I attempt to give free career report and give the prediction of 2 or 3 lines report free daily.

You may come to know the views of those who have taken career predictions from us.

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[…] An astrologer who has decades of experience in astrology has said that the society is taken to a stage that every 3-4 of the astrology question he gets is, “Will I get Government job?” Though this question is not wrong as once you are able to secure Government job, your whole life is secured. The astrologer has minutely studied and analyzed the horoscope chart of several people who have secured high position in Government job. Here the article is shared as the result of all the studies. Let’s begin with some facts about graha yoga and planetary position which are of immense help in getting government job. How to know if you have Government Jobs In Kundali? The three kundali houses that are essential for getting good job is First (Ascendant House), Ninth – the destiny and the Tenth – the Karma House. A good planet in these houses decides the fate of karma, that is the career of person’s life. Career Predictions By Date of Birth […]

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