Can you predict your future using astrology?

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Predictive astrology

Astrology has helped many people to predict their past, present, and future, whereas some people feel that it is the only way through which an individual can get to know about his karmas. It not only helps you know yourself but also allows you to transform by making changes to your daily routine. Sometimes, astrology helps a person to fix some problems by adapting certain habit changes in life, and these changes are always beneficial.

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Future Predictions Explained:

Astrological interpretations are obtained by using an individual’s place, date, and time of birth. Most important is the placement of the planets in various astrological signs. An intelligent astrologer is the one who is experienced enough to understand the chart and make future predictions with his/her experience. The placement of the planets has its significance, which can help or past and future predictions.

Like we can see the placement of Mercury to understand how the person will think, his ability to learn things, and share the information with others. The position of Mars will help to know one’s aggressive nature and the way a person treats others during discussions. Astrology came into existence about 4000 years ago through great saints. They were close to God from where they got the wisdom to make future predictions and create this divine science. We did not have technical gadgets to look at the stars and planets, yet these saints were able to understand and read the positioning of these planets with their naked eyes. They were able to make many predictions, whereas all of them were true. Most people still rely on astrology to start a new business or relationship, and these people have seen the result of believing in astrology themselves. Their experience in astrology has created a firm belief that allows them to follow certain practices.

I, Astrologer Ashok Prajapati have spoken to many people and given many future predictions after looking at various horoscopes carefully. I believe that karmas play a critical role in one’s life. The remedies provided by me are natural and are easy to perform. Since the planets play a significant role in defining one’s nature, small changes to our nature, our thinking, and daily routine can bring big changes to our life.

Marriages are made in heaven, and people think that just by matching gunas, one can easily get married. However, in my opinion, multiple other factors are responsible for a successful marriage also. If things do not end up working out after matching gunas, people end up blaming astrology for the outcomes, and this understanding leads to disbelief. I strongly recommend getting the Kundli checked by an experienced astrologer who has been practicing this science for a long time and can help shape your future.

If you are planning for a new business, partnership, relationship, or a wedding, you can contact me also for reading your horoscope and take advantage of this divine science that can help you to make better decisions in life. One thing we should remember is that we cannot change our past.


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