Can You Ever Become Rich? Here’s How Astrology Answers

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wealth astrology predictions

Wealth Astrology Predictions:

Wealth Astrology Predictions help to know the possibility of wealth in one’s horoscope. It uses various parameters to find out wealth and potential sources of income.

Most clients often ask us if there is a possibility of getting rich in their horoscope. In fact, it is one of the most asked questions to an astrologer. After all, money is required to fulfil the needs as well as to lead a better life. No wonder why people are curious about their prospectus of getting rich in the future.

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How Wealth Astrology Makes Money and Wealth Prediction

To determine the possibility of money and wealth in your destiny, an astrologer checks your horoscope for some houses.

Houses are the areas of your life which are defined by your horoscope.

Each house represents the major parts of life, from wealth, circumstances, relationship to financial status and everything in between. There are 12 houses in your horoscope or Janam Kundali.

When a person is born, the houses are occupied by certain planets—and those houses can be viewed in your horoscope or kundali.

Therefore, an astrologer checks the houses that are responsible for wealth and financial status in your life. Based on these houses, you can figure out the condition of your finances, bank balance and the sources of income.

The important houses for wealth in your horoscope are 1st, 2nd, 6th, 11th, and 12th houses.

Understanding the Role of Houses in Making You Wealthy

So you must have understood which houses are responsible for wealth and money in your life. Here is a brief explanation of each house for a clear understanding.

1st House:

The 1st House is known as the ascendant that represents life and career. Therefore, it is an important house that impacts your finances. It shouldn’t be affected by planets like Rahu or Ketu.

Your ascendant lord or Lagnesh is your rising sign. For example, the Lagnesh for a Leo person will be the Sun. Having the sun in their first house defines their characteristics.

But the lord or Lagnesh shouldn’t be in the 6th, 8th or 12th houses which are negative places for money and wealth. The lord shouldn’t be also with negative planets in horoscope.

2nd House:

The second house is the most important house for money and wealth. This house decides the quantity of your wealth. If it is free from negative influence, you have bright chances to make big money in life. You can also take a loan and pay off them on time.

11th House:

he 11th house represents income and shows the quality of incomes as well as the sources. Negative influences in a birth chart show ups and downs of income.

6th House:

The 6th house is responsible for debts, loan and borrowings. However, astrologers hold different opinions on this house. Some say that it should be strong so that you can get a loan easily. But Parashara astrology believes that it should be affected by negative planets. This is because it reduces your possibility of taking a loan or mortgage which is good for your finances. However, this house is generally considered negative for a native.

12th House:

The 12th house stands for the loan, loss of income, and expenditures. This is also a negative house for money.

According to Wealth Astrology, Which Profession or Career Can Make You Rich?

  • If the 2nd house is occupied by Pisces or Taurus along with Venus, a native (person born under these signs) can get rich overnight through the business of textile or cotton, silver or factory that are supported by Venus.
  • The presence of Saturn at the 11th house in the birth sign of Libra or Aquarius in a financial horoscope can also help a native get money and wealth from stock markets.
  • If Saturn is located at 10th home in Libra or Capricorn, the native can get rich from Saturn-supported products such as oil, stone, or iron.
  • If Venus or Jupiter sits in the Cancer sign or Mercury occupies Virgo sign in the 9th house, it creates a golden business opportunity and a native can earn a huge amount of money from factories, textile, and stock markets.
  • If Moon sits in the Taurus sign or Mercury in Virgo or Saturn in Libra in the 11th house, people born under these signs can build up enormous wealth.

Understanding the Role of Wealth Yogas in Your Horoscope

Yogas are the combinations and positions of planets in your horoscope. Specific planetary positions can cause specific results that can be both good and bad. Here are some yogas that can create the possibility of money in your fate.

If the master of the 9th house is placed in the ninth house and the lord of the 10th house sits in the tenth itself. This is called Ethan Bali Yoga.

  • If the lord of the ninth house moves to 10th place and the lord of the 10th house gets into the 9th This is called Isthan Parivartan Yoga.
  • If the lord of the 9th house and the lord of the 10th house exchanged their zodiac houses. It is called the second Isthan Parivartan Yoga.
  • If the master of the 2nd wealthy house moves to the 11th income house and the master of the 11th house gets to the second place. This is called the Third Ishtan Parvartan Yoga.

 There are other wealthy yogas also, including Drishti Bali Yoga (when 10th housemaster and 9th house master see each other with 7th vision), Gajkesari Yoga (when Jupiter sits in the Moon or gets into the 4th, 7th, or 10th house from Moon).

Consult with an Astrologer for Money and Investment Decisions

 An efficient and experienced astrologer can suggest you the right investment, career or other ways that can benefit your financial life.

 Karma is Important to Awake Your Fate!

Does your horoscope show that you can receive cash windfall or get rich?

Congratulations! But that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to do anything just because you are destined to get money. Don’t rely only on your fate for leading a happy or prosperous life. You are also required to do the action.

For example, you need to dig out that buried gold in your land. Digging up the land is your karma. The point is here that you need to do hard work or karma to get what is destined in your horoscope.

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