Can successful Live-in Relationship turn into successful marriage also? Ask Astrologer Ashok Prajapati

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Marriage after Live-in Relationship. Ask About Success from Astrologer

Astrologer Ashok Prajapati is practising astrology for many years. As, unlike many contemporary astrologers, he have not inherited this divine science but blessed with the same as God gift. Since Childhood, Pt. Ashok Prajapati doing the horoscope reading and have seen the life through planets. He is specialised in Marriage, Gemstone and Career Astrology. Let’s see his views on the success of love Marriage after a live-in relationship

It is a childish question to ask whether a successful live-in relationship will turn into a successful marriage. Because the trend of Live-in-Relationship is started to ensure a successful marriage. The title of this article is in the form of a question, so I will give you the information as an answer to this question, I think there can be two answers to this question.

If you are asking me the question whether my successful Live-in-Relationship will remain successful even after marriage, then my answer is that when you are already staying together just like a married couple, then you should know better that you live happily with each other or not. Because you are already acquainted with each other.  You know each other, you are very well aware of each other’s likes and dislikes. You are taking the decision of marriage on your own and you will know very well that we will be able to live after marriage or No. Because if one has such a bad habit that you cannot bear, then after marriage, how will you tolerate that habit. So my first suggestion is that you should take time and think about your decision. After much thinking, you must have to make up your mind whether it will be better to turn your Live-in-Relationship in the bond of marriage or not.

Let’s talk about the second answer to your question, I am answering as an astrologer because you are asking that if we have been in a live-in relationship, will we able to live happily even after marriage. You want the answer according to astrology and want to know what can be predicted.

Being an astrologer, my advice is that both of you show me your horoscope. I will match the birth chart of both of you. There is a method of matching the horoscope, according to that method; I will tell you how your life will be after marriage.

Apart from this, I will look carefully at the following things in the horoscope of both of you and then according to that, I will give you my advice.

It will be checked if there is any one-person Manglik in both of you. I will see if the planet Jupiter is inauspicious in the horoscope of the girl because if Jupiter is auspicious in the birth chart then life will run happily after marriage. This is because Jupiter considers the factor of marriage in the horoscope of girls.

Similarly, I will check the position of Venus in the horoscope of the boy to see if Venus is in an auspicious state in the boy’s birth chart. If auspicious, then his married life will be auspicious after marriage because Venus is the factor of marriage in the birth chart of boys.

In the horoscope of both, I will see that the seventh house of the horoscope, which represents marriage, is in auspicious state and it is not aspected by the sinful planets. The seventh place is not afflicted it will be thoroughly investigated.

The lord planet of the seventh house is not in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house of the horoscope because if the lord planet of the seventh house sits in these places then the marital life is not good at all.

If you are getting maximum marks out of a total 36 in Guna Milaan or Match making, then I would tell you that your live-in the relationship will definitely turn into a successful marriage.

Conclusion – If you are planning to get married then my advice is that do not take this decision without matching the horoscope. Marriage is a very important decision in our life, we should think many times before taking this decision and check all aspects. You should consider about marriage only after matching your horoscope from a learned astrologer. After considering all things, you should make the final decision about marriage. If you want help from us in this matter do not hesitate to contact us.


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