Best & Simple Remedies of Astrology Everyone Should Follow

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In life, there are many things we are bothered about.  We keep searching for solutions to these problems at various places. We seek doctor’s help, we talk to our friends and we also seek astrological advice to fix the things that bother us. But most of the time we fail to act upon the advice given to us by doctor’s, our friends or even an astrologer. 

But do u all know that almost everything in the universe is controlled by our planets? Yes, the movement and placements of these planets matter a lot in our day to day lives. That is why today I am going to share a few remedies with all of you, with the help of these simple remedies, you can benefit yourself and your family a lot!

Let us now know and understand these simple remedies.

The Sun (Surya) 

The center point of all planets. Some call him a star and, some call him a planet. Whatever we name him, his existence makes our existence worthwhile! Every morning at the time of sunrise, one should welcome the Sun and stand in the sunlight for some time. By doing this every day, not only do you assure yourself good health but, the great Sun will also bestow his blessings and help you gain a good name and fame in society. 

(Do not look directly at the sun for a long period in one go, this could damage your eyes.)


The Moon (Chandra)

The beautiful and calm looking Moon doesn’t just work as the satellite for our earth. It also has its effect on our day to day lives.  Sitting in the light of the Moon every evening promises you good and increased immunity. We all know the importance of immunity these days, so let us start embracing the moonlight every evening. It is also free of cost and minds soothing. A perk everyone looks for!


The Mars (Mangal)

These days we get to hear about Mars a lot, about the possibility of life on Mars etc. But Mars is just not about the experiments we hear these days. Mars as a planet is responsible for many medical procedures we go through and the physical injuries too. To make Mars strong in your birth chart you should donate blood, doing so you can avoid the surgeries and injuries in your life. (Donate blood only if you are medically eligible)


Best Remedy of Jupiter

Put 27 nos of chana dal on the roof of your house or terrace every Thursday. By doing this you can gain job satisfaction, promotion. You can also score the desired score in your examinations. 


Remedy for Prosperity 

Every day put a pinch of little wheat flour in both corners of your main doors, with this simple action you welcome Laxmi, which is prosperity and happiness.


*Bonus- Always keep the entrance and surroundings of your main door clean. Cleanliness ensures Positivity and Prosperity in your life and your family’s life.

So friends aren’t these remedies simple to do? Just keep your mind clean and do your karma right.

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